Google Docs is one of the most powerful cloud-based tools on the market, with features that include real-time collaboration, version history, secure sharing, document outlines, and more. What few realize is that Docs can be made even more powerful for business users, increasing its versatility, saving time, and improving further on its already impressive arsenal of features. 

This can be easily done through the Add-ons tab in Google Docs. Click on “Get Add-ons”, which will open a box that features several popular Docs add-ons, as well as a search bar. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, simply select “Install”. You’ll then be prompted to give the add-on permission to access Google Docs and select which account you would like to apply it to. Once this has been done, your add-on is ready to use in the “Add-ons” tab. 

Here are some of the most useful add-ons for Google Docs business users:


1) HelloSign

HelloSign is the best way to sign digital documents without leaving the comfort of Google Docs. Each business signature processed through HelloSign is legally binding, taking paper contracts completely out of the equation.

Download here


2) Translate+

If you’re working with documents containing languages that are foreign to you or collaborating with foreign users, Translate+ makes it easy to translate content into your language. The add-on supports a wide variety of popular languages, making it the perfect tool for working through language barriers.

Download here


3) Capitals 

Capitals is an open source add-on that allows users to easily manage the capitalization of text. With Capitals, users can make letters uppercase, lowercase, title case, or add and remove small caps.

Download here


4) Speakd

Do you ever wish that your documents could read themselves back to you? Speakd makes this wish come true, reading selected text aloud to you. Speakd is a great way to absorb business documents while you give your strained eyes some rest after a marathon typing session, and a great way to get through required reading.

Download here


5) Doc Builde

Doc Builder is a major timesaver for anybody who uses boilerplate text on things like reports, press releases, invoices, and legal documents, letting you easily create templates for often repeated documents. These templates allow you to seamlessly insert text, consistent formatting, and photos into the documents of your choice, saving you plenty of time and frustration.

Download here


6) Text Cleaner

The Text Cleaner add-on is a much-needed upgrade to the native “clear formatting” function in Docs. With Text Cleaner, users can remove multiple spaces, line breaks, and other annoying formatting options that have been carried over after text has been pasted from other sources. Text Cleaner also allows for preserving certain stylistic choices like bold letters and italics.

Download here


7) DocSecrets

DocSecrets realizes that security and privacy are of the utmost importance in the business world, allowing users to share documents while ensuring that certain text selections remain private. DocsSecrets is the ideal add-on for business users looking to share documents that contain sensitive information, ensuring privacy and removing the need to rebuild documents from the ground up.

Download here


8) LucidChart Diagrams

One of the biggest weaknesses of Google Docs is its lack of support for charts and graphs. The LucidChart Diagrams add-on allows users to build diagrams, charts, and graphs and easily insert them into Google Docs, adding some much-needed functionality and saving users from having to use Google Sheets or Slides for a simple chart. 

Download here


9) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid aspires to turn all users into stronger writers, going above and beyond simply correcting spelling and grammar. This intelligent add-on also allows users to check for plagiarized content, cliches and redundancies, overused words, abstract or vague words, and so much more. ProWritingAid also aims to improve the overall readability of documents, letting you create content that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of readers.

Download here


10) Consistency Checker

First impressions are everything. Consistency Checker lets business users improve long-form documents by ensuring consistency throughout, making it perfect for collaborative projects or formal reports where it can be difficult to maintain consistency. The add-on can identify inconsistent spelling, hyphenation, abbreviations, and more to help you and your team make stronger first impressions.

Download here


Do you have any cool add-ons you like using? Get in touch with us and let us know! 

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