G Suite had one of its best years yet in 2019 with hundreds of new updates and the launch of programs and features that have worked to improve the overall user experience. This banner year for G Suite saw new security features implemented, integrations with the Microsoft Office Suite, and a revamped Google Calendar experience, among other impressive accomplishments. We’ve rounded up the ones we think are most useful for business users. 

Advanced Protection Program protects high-level users

2019 saw Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) made available for enrollment to all G Suite users with APP for the enterprise. APP is the strongest level of protection available to G Suite users, requiring the use of a physical security key for account access, blocking untrusted apps, and reducing the threat of zero-day threats. The Advanced Protection Program is the perfect way for high-risk users such as politicians, journalists, and activists to protect their accounts and data from high-level phishing scams.

Increased protection against phishing and malware

Announced at Google Next this past year, Google promised users increased protection against phishing and malware attacks. G Suite admins now have access to effective tools for use against phishing threats and malware attacks in the Security Center, letting you lock down suspicious and malicious emails, quarantine and warn users about emails that contain unusual attachment types, and easily identify unauthenticated emails that may be attempting to spoof your domain. 

These new features mean that G Suite users can stop worrying about bad actors getting access to their accounts and documents, giving admins the freedom to monitor, identify, and eliminate attacks before they have the chance to do any damage.

Deeper integrations with Microsoft Office

Before 2019, using MS Office documents within G Suite apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides was a clunky and arduous task. This past year, Google introduced new integrations that allow for a much smoother user experience. G Suite users can now seamlessly edit, comment, and collaborate on Office files within Docs, Sheets, and Slides without any of the hassle or wasted time spent endlessly converting file types.

Share documents with visitor sharing

Like editing, Microsoft Office files, attempting to share files with non-G Suite users was once unintuitive and frustrating. This past year, Google introduced visitor sharing, which allows non-G Suite users to view and edit files without having to have a Gmail account. This makes it much easier to share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with outside users like clients and freelancers who may not yet be using G Suite, eliminating confusion and enhancing the opportunity for collaboration.

Revamped Google Calendar

Calendar users can now save time with newly added scheduling features that make it easier to schedule meetings and time with other users. Users can now temporarily view coworker calendars through the “Search for people” box, allowing you to create new events that will automatically add guests to meetings. The newly updated Calendar also lets users edit creation pop-up dialog fields including Guests, Rooms, Location, Conferencing, and Description, making it even easier to find a meeting time and place that works for everybody.

While 2019 has proven to be one of G Suite’s best years to date, the future is looking extremely bright for businesses using G Suite. Google has plenty in store for 2020 and beyond, increasing the ability of your team to collaborate from anywhere, and improving productivity with an easy-to-use suite of apps that lets you work smarter and faster.

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