Whenever possible, a business should operate like a well-oiled machine - every department of an organization should ideally be on the same page, and be using similar processes and solutions in order to keep the entire team in the loop. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and businesses often lose leads, existing customers, and large amounts of time due to these easily avoidable business problems. Workplaces taking advantage of modern cloud-based solutions can easily solve and avoid these issues entirely through increased collaboration, communication, and integration.

1. Employees making calls with their personal phones

If your team isn’t making or taking business calls on their workplace telephones, there’s probably a good reason for it - with smartphones in the pockets of most professionals, there’s little reason to be using anything less than “smart”. Unfortunately for businesses experiencing this problem, information from customer calls are less likely to be input in your customer relationship management (CRM) solution, and answering work calls on a personal phone begin to hurt morale by interfering with work-life balances.

The most effective way to solve this problem is by implementing modern cloud-based VoIP telephone systems like those offered through Vonage Business. Not only are these systems perfect for hosting conference calls and boosting convenience for employees working on the go, but can increase workplace productivity and efficiency through integrations with other common workplace solutions like. By integrating solutions like G Suite, cloud-based CRM platforms, and business intelligence tools, your VoIP phone system will help employees turn leads into customers with more informed selling by giving them the information they need.

Employees will appear as if they are making calls from the business, not their own smartphones, which is important to connect your clients to the business and not just the individual salesperson. In the case of employee turnover, this helps your brand and keeps your client connected to your business phone in their contact information - not a phone belonging to an individual salesperson that may or may not be there in six months.

2. Unorganized client and preference tracking

Having an unorganized process or solution for tracking clients and their unique preferences and information can lead to lost sales through ineffective selling techniques and an uninformed sales team. Organizing this is easier than it seems, and can be done most effectively through integrating your organization’s cloud-based productivity suite like G Suite or Microsoft Office with your CRM solution. Unifying these solutions will allow your team members to access their CRM from their email inbox, allowing them to easily store and access valuable customer information that will allow for smarter selling tactics and increased data organization.

3. Client files and data getting lost between departments

A common problem in organizations with multiple departments working with different software solutions arises when members of different departments cannot access or keep track of the client data they require, creating interdepartmental disorganization and miscommunication. This problem is usually worsened when clients are behind in payments but are requesting additional work - the lack of communication or access to client files between departments can lead to lost revenue and headaches for every department.

This problem can be easily avoided by giving your employees access to a modern cloud-based CRM solution where client files will be easily accessible by all team members, with a detailed history of all conversations between customers and the different departments they have dealt with. Modern CRM solutions can also be seamlessly integrated with a number of accounting software solutions, ensuring that miscommunications between departments are minimized, and late or missed payments can be addressed immediately.

This doesn’t just extend to accounting, but to seemingly small things like customer service complaints. A fully integrated CRM will collect a complaint from the same customer on Facebook, email and by phone into one client file - saving three different people from having to address the complaint.

4. Remote team members going unmanaged

Organizations who are taking advantage of the many benefits offered by hosting a remote team often face concerns about the productivity or effectiveness of their remote team members. For managers or employers who have these concerns about remote working, business intelligence solutions like Prodoscore ease productivity worries and help shed light on how your employees are spending their time. Prodoscore unobtrusively manages employee activity within workplace solutions in real time, assigning easy-to-understand “productivity scores” to each employee to help employers identify problem areas and discover opportunities that will get the most out of your remote team.

Overcoming common workplace speed bumps is as easy as giving your team the tools and resources needed to do their jobs as effectively as possible. Modern cloud-based VoIP phone systems, CRM solutions, productivity suites, and business intelligence tools increase employee productivity, encourage collaboration and communication between teams, and will help your organization run like a well-oiled machine.

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