4 Security Tips to Ensure the Safest G Suite Experience

by Koosha Araghi on December 21, 2018

More than 25% of workplaces around the world are currently working with G Suite, Google’s cloud-based productivity suite. Users have flocked to the platform because of its ease of use and adoption, host of familiar apps, collaborative features, unlimited cloud storage, and access to Google’s mighty security platform. While G Suite remains the most secure workplace productivity suite on the market, knowing how to keep your organizational data safe and secure is still extremely important in a time where digital opportunists lurk around every corner.

Enable two-step verification for all users

One of the first steps your company should take in keeping G Suite accounts locked down is having users enable two-step verification (2SV) for all user accounts, and enforcing these 2SV policies across your organization. Two-step verification requires users to enter a verification code in addition to their regular username and password when accessing their G Suite account. These verification codes can be sent to the mobile devices of users, or from encrypted signatures on a users security key. Enabling 2SV prevents bad actors from getting into G Suite accounts, even if they gain access to a user’s password. Enforcing this policy across your organization is easy - 2SV can be made mandatory for all users using the admin security panel, with the option to add exception groups where necessary.

UpCurve Cloud can set up two-step verification for all G Suite products and additionally offers training for your staff if required. 

Verify users with login challenges

Businesses of all sectors and sizes are open to being exploited by digital opportunists, making it critical that your users take proper precautions to keep their own data and the customer information they work with every day from falling into the wrong hands. An effective way of verifying a user’s identification and identifying suspicious access attempts is to use G Suite login challenges. 

These challenges can include mobile device challenges where users are prompted for verification on their devices, employee ID challenges that require their ID to be input for verification, or recovery email verification, which sends a request to a user’s secondary email account. Without the ability to successfully answer or respond to verification challenges, anybody attempting to access an account that doesn’t belong to them will be unable to login. Challenges are easy to implement and serve as an extra layer of protection on top of 2-step verification.

Use G Suite administrator roles

Administrator privileges control of the security of your G Suite data. In order to ensure the safety of your workplace data, it’s important to assign administrator privileges sparingly. Pre-built and custom administrator roles are available through G Suite’s administrative panel, allowing you to assign the following roles:

  • Super Admin - Access to all Admin console functions and features
  • Groups Admin - Control over Google Groups, the ability to create and delete groups, manage members
  • User Management Admin - Ability to perform actions on non-admin user accounts, create and delete accounts
  • Help Desk Admin - Reset passwords for non-admin users
  • Services Admin - Control over some service settings and devices
  • Reseller Admin - Can provide administration to resold customers

Custom admin roles with different parameters can also be created in G Suite’s Admin Panel. Assigning pre-built and custom admin roles to team members will limit who has control over administrative controls, and will limit users to only the tools and resources that are critical to their typical job duties and tasks.

Administrator Alerts and Activity Reports

G Suite admins can choose to receive regular administrator email alerts that are triggered by important events taking place, including things like suspicious login attempts, compromised devices, and changes to administrative settings. Administrators can receive emails for every event that takes place and are able to receive up to 25 alerts in a two-hour span. Activity reports are another great tool that allows admins to view the account status of their users, and any account activity including the use of 2SV, admin status, and more.

To find out how UpCurve Cloud can transform your business by seamlessly implementing and integrating intelligent cloud-based productivity solutions like G Suite and Prodoscore, contact us today. We can also set up two-factor authentication and security for all G Suite products and offer training for your staff on all G Suite security options. 

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