4 Steps to Chromebooks Multiple Sign-In Access

by Denise Hazime on October 2, 2014

If your organization uses or is evaluating deploying Google Chromebooks for your users, you'll no doubt enjoy the ease of granular IT control the Chrome Management Console affords your business. For many users there will be a desire to switch between multiple Google for Work or Gmail accounts.

It is now possible to make switching between accounts happen very easily, without signing out and signing back in.

Here's the simple 4 step process to unlocking quick switch functionality:

1. With Super Admin privileges, log into your Google Apps Admin Console

                                                                           Google Apps Admin Console

2. Make your way to Chrome Management

                                                                            Chrome Management screenshot

3. Select User Settings.

                                                                         User Settings screenshot

4. You will need to scroll a long way down (almost to the bottom) to the section called 'User Experience'.The last item in the list is the drop down which lets you set the policy
for your company or organizational unit.

                                                                       User Experience section

Selecting 'Unrestricted user access (allow any user to be added to any other user's session)' offers the most flexibility - and is required for the 'secondary' account in order to be accessed.

If the new policy is not working on your Chromebook right away either reboot your Chromebook or go to chrome://policy and click the 'Reload Policies' button.

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