4 Strategies to Patch up Money-Losing Cracks in your Business

by Denise Hazime on May 4, 2017

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A company is very much like a house. When it is brand new, it works great, any problems can usually be handled swiftly, and everyone loves it. Over time, if you start slipping on preventative maintenance, little problems can grow into big ones - and you may not even know what they are.

If your business is more than a few years old, you may be losing existing clients or turning off prospects without even knowing why. Sales can be lost by not getting back to emails, not paying attention to your existing client’s needs, and more. A simplified workflow and improved communication with your clients can patch these cracks and keep new ones from forming.  

1) Schedule a Meeting with Existing Clients Regularly

Schedule a meeting with your existing clients who are your bread and butter regularly to keep on top of their needs and - most importantly - their complaints. Make sure you explicitly ask them if there is anything that you could be doing differently, since many people are non-confrontational, even if they are the customer. This is also a great opportunity to let them know about other services or products you have that they may be completely unaware of.

Asking if they have any complaints may be a frightening prospect, but it will raise their trust factor in your business and let you get on top of any problems that may lead to them cutting you short.

If you have G Suite, Google Hangouts are the best tool to use for client communication. Face-to-face video chats are the next best thing to meeting in person, and with a simplified workflow they can even be saved to your client’s file in your CRM for later reference.  

2) Make Sure Your Email Service is Reliable

One of the hidden advantages of G Suite is that you can have your company email hosted with Google. This not only ups the security factor on your email significantly, but it ensures uninterrupted service and that emails - both outgoing and incoming - don’t get lost or sent to a Trash folder.

Google’s email hosting offers better uptime than most web hosting companies that you may host your email with now, which means that important emails won’t get missed. Gmail, part of G Suite, offers superior filtering capabilities which put important emails in a primary tab while still offering superior spam protection. Additionally, Gmail can integrate with many other applications and systems when you move to a simplified workflow for your business. You can make calls from Gmail using your computer or smartphone, have client emails automatically filed to a client record in your CRM, and much more.  

3) Use a Simplified Workflow System for Software

When you switch to a simplified workflow, each technology solution in your business integrates with everything else. Emails can get saved to a client’s file in your CRM and accounting systems. You can retrieve call logs to see when the last time your client was in touch with you, both from your business phone software and your CRM. When you make it easier to find information, it’s harder for details to slip through the cracks. No more forgotten meetings, lost emails, or important client notes going missing - you’ll have full transparency into your business.

How do you get a simplified workflow going? Step one is contacting UpCurve Cloud. We’ll make sure everything you need - G Suite, a VoIP phone system, a CRM, and Prodoscore - are in place and ready to patch those leaky cracks in your company’s foundation.  

4) Monitor Your Team with Prodoscore without Micromanaging

While it helps to stay in touch with your salespeople daily, you shouldn’t have to pick up the phone to interrupt their workflow - and yours - to find out the answers to small questions you can sleuth out on your own. If you have a remote team, it’s almost a necessity to put some kind of employee monitoring system in place. But many of the solutions on the market are overly invasive, such as software that takes screenshots of their screens at random times. There is also very little you can do with this information beyond sifting through screenshots and trying to guess if they are doing their job.

Prodoscore changes this entire paradigm by assigning your team a productivity score - called their Prodoscore - according to the tasks they complete within G Suite apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and others. Prodoscore’s new Correlations feature even lets you drill down on who is talking about what topics in your organization, allowing you to see if your team is pushing the products or campaigns that they are supposed to be selling.

As far as finding out what they are doing, you can open Prodoscore and it will tell you the tasks they have done in G Suite - so if you want to know if they have sent off a proposal to a certain customer, you will see that information. No phone calls needed, and no workflow interrupted.

Contact UpCurve Cloud today to find out about the technology solutions that can simplify your workflow and patch the cracks in your business.

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