One of the things that sets G Suite apart from other productivity suites is the ability to customize your experience through the use of add-ons across the entire platform. Google’s G Suite Marketplace is home to thousands of useful apps that will help to enhance your experience in a wide variety of unique ways - the best part being that they’re easy to install and free of charge.

Install Add-Ons With a Single Click

Multilingual users can transform their G Suite experience through many useful add-ons with the click of a button. First, visit the G Suite Marketplace, which offers a wide variety of tools across for Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Gmail. Once you’ve discovered an add-on that appeals to your needs, click the “Install” button found on the add-on’s page and you’ll be ready to use it almost instantly. Everything you install from the Marketplace can be managed through the “Add-ons” tab in all of your G Suite apps.

In addition to a wide variety of add-ons, G Suite users can easily switch the language of their favorite G Suite platform. This is done by selecting “File” and scrolling down to find the “Language” option. From here, you can choose between the many default languages offered by G Suite, letting you work in a language you are most comfortable in.

Easy Accents

One of the most versatile add-ons for multilingual G Suite users is Easy Accents, available for Google Docs. Easy Accents lets users seamlessly add accents from different languages to your Docs with the click of a button. All available accents can be found in a handy sidebar that does not distract from your work, and the add-on currently supports accents across more than 20 languages.

Google Input Tools

For those who wish to type in a variety of languages while they browse the web without the hassle of repeatedly switching Google Chrome settings, the Google Input Tools add-on is the perfect solution. This tool lets users type in the language of their choice at the click of a button. Input Tools allows for typing in over 90 languages through virtual keyboards, and also gives access to direct transliteration and handwriting input for a variety of languages.

G Suite Marketplace

Panel View for Google Translate

Google Chrome users can enhance the web browser’s native translation app through Panel View for Google Translate. This add-on gives users access to a floating panel on any webpage that translates words or sentences highlighted by the user. This is especially useful in cases where translating the entire web page or opening up a new search tab isn’t feasible - giving you the freedom to translate as you read.

Wikipedia and Wikidata Tools

Enhance your Google Sheets experience with the Wikipedia and Wikidata Tools add-on, which lets users add functions from the famous online collaborative encyclopedia directly to their Sheets. From WikiTranslate to WikiSynonyms, this add-on has it all, letting users return Wikipedia article translations, synonyms, Wikidata facts, and more to their spreadsheet projects with the touch of a button.

Mapping Sheets

The Mapping Sheets add-on for Google Sheets lets users plot their own data directly onto a map. Original data ranging from addresses, appointments, and contacts can be plotted on a map from Sheets with just a few button clicks. Mapping Sheets is currently available in more than 30 languages, letting multilingual users take full advantage of this unique add-on.

These add-ons represent only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the G Suite Marketplace. Whether its Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides, or Chrome, there around thousands of useful apps available in a wide variety of languages for personal and business use. Maximize the power of G Suite through add-ons, and open your projects up to a world of endless possibilities. To find out how UpCurve Cloud can help you maximize your G Suite experience, contact us today