5 Important Changes You Need to Make to Your Business Software in 2017

by Denise Hazime on December 29, 2016

5 Important Changes You Need to Make to Your Business Software in 2017 banner  

Business software has changed. Now, the most effective solutions are accessible in the cloud on any device, and integrate with each other to make your business more efficient. It also allows for more effective and timely team collaboration. Evaluate what you are doing with your business software to make sure that it is up to current standards and making your business money.  

#1 Question for All Solutions - Does It Integrate?

The days are gone when you have to have three separate browser tabs and two desktop applications open to find all of the information on one client’s file. That’s the old way of working, it’s inefficient, and it could be costing your business not just in wasted employee hours, but in opportunities. If your accounting software can’t talk to your customer relationship management solution or business email, and vice versa, it should be dead to you. That’s just one example - in today’s world, for the money you pay for your software, it should be able to integrate with most of the other software solutions in your business. Your accountant should be able to pull up an email with client invoices from directly within your accounting software, your customer service reps should be able to see all communications across social media and email with one client from within your customer relationship management software, and so on.  

G Suite - Built for Collaboration and Integration

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Google saw this shift in the workplace happening a long time ago, when it introduced Google for Work, which was recently renamed G Suite. Its suite includes all of the spreadsheet, word processing and presentation creation software you are used to in legacy office software solutions with a big difference; pared-down design and built-in collaboration on all platforms. With Google Docs, your entire team across the country could be working on a proposal together in real time, saving emailing documents back and forth and reducing the risk of errors.   It’s also built for that important question we mentioned earlier - does it integrate? With G Suite, the answer is yes to virtually every major software solution available on the market. 

Want More Collaboration and Better Communication? Check out Slack

Chances are good you’ve heard people talking about Slack, or you are already using it in your organization. Like G Suite, it integrates with virtually everything. Slack isn’t a replacement for email, as many have been saying, but it does streamline team communication and make files accessible from one platform when properly integrated with other software solutions. Slack has also just added video calling to make itself even more useful.

Get a Project Management Solution - Stat

If you aren’t already using a project management solution, consider looking into solutions like Zoho Projects, Trello or Asana. Your customer relationship management software usually has some light project management capabilities, but only a dedicated PM solution can keep your business on track. Capture all of the small requests that clients make that can get lost, and impress them by not letting anything slip through the cracks. If you are a G Suite client, find one that integrates with Gmail, like Zoho Projects, so all emails and files for your customer are in one place.  

Do You Still Have a Business Phone System that Doesn’t Integrate?

If you have an old-school business phone system, you’re not capturing call logs, call length, and much more. With a VoIP business phone system, such as Vonage Business, you can get call reporting and integration with other business software systems. UpCurve Cloud isn’t just a G Suite reseller; we are masters in making your business software systems integrate and talk to each other. If you want to upgrade your business software for 2017, contact us today.

Start a Google G Suite Trial

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