The Cloud has become the base for most of the businesses for transformation, creating a differentiator and gaining competitive advantage. According to Cloud Computing Statistics, the global public cloud computing market is set to exceed $330 billion in 2020. Almost every business is shifting to use cloud services for application software, databases, and IP applications. 

There are a number of motives driving this change, but here are the top 5 reasons many organizations are choosing to migrate to cloud services.

Save Money 

The Cloud allows businesses to save money in two ways. Firstly, by allowing businesses to easily scale the number of seats or user base without additional need to renegotiate deals/tiers with their software providers. Secondly, by using less hardware than a traditional IT infrastructure. There has been a considerable cost reduction for the companies using cloud services. As per a survey conducted by TechRepublic, 94% of respondents said that cloud infrastructure could reduce overall IT cost by 30-50%.

Reduce Downtime

Limiting downtime is a key feature of cloud services. The average downtime using traditional IT systems is 4x longer than using Cloud computing. Even in your busiest business hours where traditional IT systems often fail to take multiple queries, cloud services easily manage the high influx of traffic by using a load balancer. The load balancing technique allows you to spread the demand for computing and storage I/O over multiple servers. Unlike the traditional way, cloud services allow you to deploy extra virtual machines or even add processor cores to your existing setup when your applications demand more from your systems.

Increase Business Flexibility 

Cloud services help you access files, data, and applications remotely. This enables businesses to be more flexible - both in and out of the workplace. Even if your sales team is traveling or you have a number of remote employees, everyone can access files and information they need using web-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, and notebooks. In addition, your customers can also access the files and data remotely.


Cloud services can grow and shrink quickly whenever you need them to. A reliable cloud service provider will help you scale up or scale down to accommodate business needs or changes. This will allow you to support your business growth without expensive changes to your existing IT systems. As a result, if you measure the ROI of Cloud migration, you will get to see some good numbers.

Help Keep the Planet Greener

One of the most overlooked benefits of using cloud services is the green, or eco-friendly aspect of this change. Cloud computing can reduce worldwide data center energy by 38%. 

By reducing the need for physical IT infrastructure, it helps in dematerialization, data center efficiency, reducing a firm’s carbon footprint, and more. A study conducted by IT consulting firm Accenture, and commissioned by Microsoft estimate that businesses could cut energy usage and carbon emissions by 30% using cloud. 

Get The Things Started!

Using Cloud computing for business is more than just a way to safely store data, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The future of cloud services points upward. The larger your company, the more benefits you can exploit. 

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