5 Steps to Controlling Your Company’s Apps & Extensions

by Denise Hazime on October 23, 2014

Google Chrome is both a browser and an operating system. In fact Chrome leads the market as the most popular web browser.

Chrome's Popularity chart

Do you work for an institution that requires control over which applications or extensions your users access? Perhaps your business is in a regulated industry like finance, insurance legal; or maybe you’re an educational or governmental organization.

Here's the simple 5 Step Process:

1. As a Super Admin, log into your Google Apps Admin Console http://admin.google.com.

    Google Apps Admin Console

2. Make your way to Chrome Management

   Chrome Management

3. Then select User Settings.

                                                                   Chrome User Settings

4. Depending on your desktop screen size you may need to scroll down a couple of scrolls; until you get to the heading 'Apps and Extensions'

Apps and Extensions

5. Select your control preference.You then are given many options such as 'Allow all apps and extensions except the ones I block' or for greater control, 'Block all apps and extension except for the ones I allow'. You can also determine which apps and extensions you're going to pre-install.

                                                                   Pre-install apps and extensions

Note:The interface for selecting apps/extensions to block or allow is exactly the same.

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