5 Things We ❤️ About Gmail’s New User Interface

by Koosha Araghi on July 20, 2018

In this webinar on July 12th, we showcased 5 things we love about Gmail’s new user interface.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

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  • Introduction
  • 5 Things We ❤️ About Gmail’s New User Interface
    • Sidebar for Google Apps
    • Smart Reply
    • Snooze Email
    • Confidential Email
    • Layout Choices
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Slide Deck


Questions & Answers

  1. Q: What’s your favorite new feature and why?
    A: The sidebar - being able to see my schedule from Google Calendar,  and having the ability to add events directly from Gmail - has allowed me to be more productive and save a lot of time.

    I’ve also started using Google Tasks now. Before this update, using Tasks used to be cumbersome, but not, having the functionality in the sidebar makes it easier to use.

    The Snooze and Smarty Reply features have also come in handy, especially on mobile, when you don’t have time to type a reply – all you need to do is tap a button!
  2. Q: Does confidential mode keep emails from being saved to Google Vault?
    A: No, the email goes to Google Vault first. So all emails will be stored in vault weather confidential mode is on or not.
  3. Q: What should I do if I want to get the new interface set up for my organization?
    A: Send us an email at googlesales@upcurvecloud.com, and we’ll walk your Google admin through the process of enabling the new interface.
  4. Q: How do you save an attachment to Google Drive from an email?
    A: When you get an email with an attachment, hover your cursor over the attachment – you’ll have to options: to download it to your computer or to save it to Drive. If you click the save to Drive icon, it will automatically save it to your Drive. Then, by clicking Organize, you can select where to move the file folders.

    Emails have to be saved as PDFs first, and then you can add them to Drive.
  5. Q: Can I still use Gmail Labs with the new update?
    A: For anyone not familiar with Labs – they are advanced features for Gmail, designed to help users be more productive. One of the most popular ones is Preview Pane. If you enable it, it will add a Preview section for emails, similar to what Microsoft Outlook has. So, if you’ve recently transitioned from Office 365 to Gmail, the Preview Pane will make you feel more accustomed to it.

    Note that Google Labs’ name has changed – it’s called Advanced now. If you go to Settings and click Advanced, you’ll see any labs you’ve used before, like Preview Pane. Undo Sent is now built into Gmail, so it is no longer there.
  6. Q: Is this update different from Inbox?
    A: Inbox was almost like a complete overhaul of email, regarding features and functionality. It still is a sort of an isolated application, but I believe Google received feedback from customers about what they liked about Inbox, and what they didn't want. The favorite features of Inbox seem to have been added in this update.
  7. Q: Can we still use the old interface?
    A: Yes, but at some point, it will become obsolete, so you should definitely get familiar with the new Gmail because it will be the default standard soon. Note that new G Suite customers will only have access to the new Gmail interface.
  8. Q: How can I start using the new interface?
    A: If can enable it by clicking the Gear button and selecting “Try the new Gmail interface.” If you’re a G Suite customer and are not seeing this option, it’s because it has not been enabled for your domain yet, or Google admin hasn’t turned it on yet. If that’s the case, contact us, and we’ll walk you through how to configure it for your domain.

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