6 Ways Google Hangouts Are Better Than Skype

by Denise Hazime on December 18, 2014

The main difference between Google Hangouts and Skype is that Google Hangouts is a web conferencing tool, where Skype is more of a chat tool. The features that make Google Hangouts excellent for web conferencing also make it a better chat tool for more casual conversations and chats.

1) Sharing Files and Collaboration Is Simple in Hangouts

While on a Hangouts video call, you can share a link to Google Drive by clicking on the Google Drive icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This will then allow you to select a link to share from Google Drive, upload a document or view items that have been shared with you on Google Drive. You can then all edit the document at once with a view of each other's cursors.

2) Screen Sharing: Better with Google Hangouts

Skype just has one option for you to share your screen or not share your screen. Google Hangouts lets you launch specific open documents so participants don't have to watch you navigate through your computer to find what you need. Never worry about sharing the wrong things with participants again.

3) Quiet Invitations

We've all been on a conference call and have heard the popping sound of Skype in the background at some point from someone who forgot to mute sound on their computer or decrease volume on Skype. Google Hangouts lets you send a quiet invitation that sends a notification to your guests that won't ring them it will just show up in their Hangouts list on Google+. You can also invite anyone by telephone number.

4) Take Photos of Your Hangouts with Capture

You can easily take photos of your video Hangouts by hitting the Capture icon on the left hand sidebar menu. Skype has no such functionality. Take photos of important items that are screen shared or the people you are talking to.

5) Easily Extend Google Hangouts with Apps

You can extend the capabilities of Google Hangouts with Apps. UberConference gives you a free phone number to use for Google Hangouts, while A Story Before Bed creates an environment customized to reading your kids a bedtime story. Cacoo for Hangouts lets multiple users edit the same diagram in real time during a Hangout. You don't get any of this with Skype. Simply click the 3 dots at the bottom of the left hand menu sidebar to access Apps for Google Hangouts.

Some of the Apps available for Google Hangouts

6) Broadcast Yourself with Hangouts on Air

Live broadcast to the world with Hangouts on Air. You can either use it as you would with regular Google Hangouts with invitees or embed your Hangout on Air in a website. The Q&A app lets you take questions from viewers, give another person control of the hangout, mute/unmute participants, and everything else you typically expect from a web conferencing tool. The Showcase tool lets you screen share articles, products or anything else from around the web.

Google Hangouts is the clear winner over Skype for better collaboration, screen sharing and extendibility.

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