Affordable Unified Communications for Your Business

by Denise Hazime on November 19, 2015

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If you own a business, you’ve probably seen ads for unified communications. This term basically has one meaning - bringing your business communications together so they can be accessed, used, stored, and recalled from anywhere your employees happen to be. It means that phone calls can be recorded, logged and reported on, and even brought into other business systems so that you can call up all communications with a customer under one record.

Unified communications used to be the domain of large corporations and organizations that could afford high-priced solutions. But Vonage for Business has brought unified communications to small business with its service offerings tailored for any size of business - with no contract. At its core, it is a cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system for your business, which will already save your business money over traditional phone systems. But unified communications is where Vonage for Business really shines.

Integration With All Other Business Systems

Vonage for Business integrates with pretty much any solution your business is using, including Google Apps for Work, SalesForce, ZenDesk, Zoho and much more. If you’re in Gmail, you can click on a phone number and call it from your Vonage desktop app. You also get pop-up messages when you miss calls, even if they don’t leave a message - which already opens your business to more opportunities than traditional business phone systems.

Go Anywhere With Truly Unified Communications

Want to know if your sales team has made a call while you’re on the road? Simply log in to the Vonage mobile app, search for the number or client, and you’ll be able to see if the call was made. Better yet, if you’ve integrated Vonage for Business with Zoho, SalesForce or another CRM, you can log in to that tool and check under the client name. Plus, you can avoid using your mobile voice minutes on your mobility plan with Vonage for Business - you will still be using a small amount of data, but this is often less expensive than using up voice minutes on a business plan.

Presence Information: Who is Busy, Who Isn’t

If you are in a larger company, or just want to know if someone is busy, Vonage for Business lets you see who in your organization is free and who isn’t. That way if you need to transfer a call, you can tell the client in advance that they’ll be going to voice mail, or transfer it to someone else if you see that one employee is busy.

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You’ll get this presence information either at your office computer or on the road on your mobile device. All without the need for expensive equipment which shows you which lines are free and so on - no more $400 phone handsets for receptionists, or anyone else in your business for that matter. All of the advanced features that used to be reserved for high-priced handsets are now accessible from your computer or mobile device.

Custom Integrations are Always Possible

UpCurve Cloud has been integrating cloud business systems for a number of clients. There are very few systems that we can’t make talk to each other in a way that will make your business more efficient. If you have a solution you’d like to integrate with Vonage for Business, or you’d simply like to give Vonage for Business a try, contact us today to find out more.

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