Clothing Designer Alial Fital Goes Google To Work Anywhere

by Koosha Araghi on June 4, 2013

Alial Fital

Soon after retiring from a 6 year career as an NFL quarterback, Gibran Hamdan found himself designing mens apparel. Gibran always had a hobby interest in fashion. One day he had the inspiration to wear a polo shirt with a formal collar. He shopped around to no avail and decided to create it himself, learning how to sew in his free time. Alial Fital was born and the rest is history.

Like many businesses, their team increasingly needed to work in multiple locations throughout the US and travel frequently. It soon became clear they needed better collaboration tools that could be accessed from anywhere and scale as their company grew. Read the full case study below to learn how Alial Fital leveraged Google Apps to work anywhere and scale their business.

Case Study: Alial Fital

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