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Automatically Create and Format a Quote from an Opportunity

by Amanda Anderson on Jul 1, 2011

SugarCRM has standard modules for creating opportunities and quotes. You can create an opportunity in your CRM based on a quote you previously created.

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Time Tracking in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on Jul 15, 2011

UpCurve Cloud built a custom Sugar module for the timesheet with a user-friendly interface to enter the employee, job title, hourly rate and hours worked.

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Click-to-Call Plugin is Released

by Amanda Anderson on Jul 20, 2011

UpCurve Cloud's Click-to-Call plugin enables users to dial out of their SugarCRM system with a simple click of the mouse.

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Twilio Client Powers UpCurve Cloud’s CRM Products

by Eric Wikman on Jul 26, 2011

UpCurve Cloud started using Twilio on an internal project to be able to send staff members SMS text messages to their mobile device from within SugarCRM.

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