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An Engineered Point of View: Lights, Camera, Sugar!

by Eric Wikman on Aug 9, 2012

Our engineer explains how the SugarCRM can apply to almost any business and industry.

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Google Apps Reseller Quells The Microsoft MSP Incumbent

by Denise Hazime on Aug 24, 2012

The Microsoft managed service industry and their providers are about to be replaced by Google Apps resellers and their new emerging cloud business model.

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Games Save the World

by Amanda Anderson on Aug 28, 2012

Austin startup company plans to use Sugar after reaching its goal on

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Styling and Editing Tools for Notes in Sugar

by Amanda Anderson on Aug 31, 2012

A few of our customers have requested that a WYSIWYG tool for Sugar Notes, the description field inside of a record, and other text area fields in the CRM.

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