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Workflow – Your Way to Be a Better You

by Aaron Wine on Nov 1, 2013

Use SugarCRM to manage workflows and get organized. Read More »

How to Migrate from Apple Mail to Google Apps

by Denise Hazime on Nov 7, 2013

If you have email data on your Mac computer that needs to be migrated to Google Apps, the Google Email Uploader will help. Read More »

Adding One Click DYMO Label Printing to SugarCRM 6

by Craig Cavanaugh on Nov 8, 2013

We decided to make it easy in Sugar to use such label printer and streamlined the label printing process to a single button action in Sugar. Read More »

Migrating Apple Contacts (Address Book) & Calendar Events (iCal) To Google Apps

by Denise Hazime on Nov 18, 2013

As we promised, we present you the follow-up post on migrating Address Book contacts and iCal calendar events to Google Apps. Read More »

Recap of the Sugar World Tour at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium

by Amanda Anderson on Nov 19, 2013

Earlier this month UpCurve Cloud co-hosted the SugarCRM World Tour event in Arlington, Texas. Read More »

Integrating Twitter Data with SugarCRM

by Eric Wikman on Nov 20, 2013

Our engineering team discusses a module created to integrate our Twitter data in our SugarCRM system. Read More »

Top 10 Lessons for Managing Sales Leads using SugarCRM

by Christian Wettre on Nov 21, 2013

Many of the lessons you have probably learned yourself over the years but I bet you will find something useful in this presentation. Read More »

Gmail Updated with New Quick Actions

by Koosha Araghi on Nov 22, 2013

Google’s latest update for Gmail provides another compelling reason to stick with your convenient web browser when checking emails. Read More »

Deeper Google Drive Integration In Gmail

by Koosha Araghi on Nov 26, 2013

Similar to the latest Gmail Update that included an expanded set of options to its Quick Actions, Google is increasing efficiency when handling attachments. Read More »

SugarCRM Mobile: Adding a Photo From Your Phone

by Christian Wettre on Nov 26, 2013

Using SugarCRM Mobile? Here is how to add pictures from your phone to SugarCRM records. Read More »

Gmail for iOS Updated: Visual Redesign, iPad Improvements

by Koosha Araghi on Nov 27, 2013

Google’s update to its Gmail app for iOS introduces a redesigned visual experience, matching the aesthetics of the iOS operating system. Read More »

Territory Management in Zoho CRM

by Denise Hazime on Nov 29, 2013

Zoho has recently released a new feature called Territory Management (TM) in their CRM system. Read More »