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4 Steps to Chromebooks Multiple Sign-In Access

by Denise Hazime on Oct 2, 2014

If your organization uses Google Chromebooks, you'll no doubt enjoy the ease of granular IT control the Chrome Management Console affords your business.

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Chrome Extension Superpowers Google Drive

by Denise Hazime on Oct 16, 2014

The new Google Chrome extension now allows you to launch desktop applications in one click, without syncing the files to your desktop first.

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5 Steps to Controlling Your Company’s Apps & Extensions

by Denise Hazime on Oct 23, 2014

Do you work for an institution that requires control over which Google Chrome applications or extensions your users access? Here's a simple 5-step process.

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IFTTT Powers Up Google Apps with Automation

by Denise Hazime on Oct 27, 2014

If This Then That is a very intuitive, simple engine for telling web platforms / technologies how to work together.

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