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Migrate Permissions to Google Drive From Windows Server

by Denise Hazime on Nov 3, 2014

The innovative part about Google Drive is that you are now able to have a folder on your desktop that automatically syncs files you save to your cloud account.

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Zoho CRM Plus — Finally! An Ability to Really Calculate Return-on-Ad-Spend

by Denise Hazime on Nov 13, 2014

Inside Zoho CRM, you can now see all of the relevant conversion data you would otherwise need to pull from your Google AdWords account.

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Preview Google Drive Items in Hangouts Chat

by Denise Hazime on Nov 20, 2014

Google Hangouts has become even more collaborative. Now users are able to quickly share drive files directly from the chat window.

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Getting to Inbox Zero

by Denise Hazime on Nov 27, 2014

Google Apps has implemented some great features to assist with separating the noise from the priorities of your inbox.

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