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Zoho CRM Integration with Google Apps

by Denise Hazime on Jan 1, 2015

Zoho is a customer relationship management (CRM) and project management suite which is fully integrated with Google Apps.

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New Feature: Add Images to Gmail Signatures with Google Drive

by Denise Hazime on Jan 8, 2015

Email signatures in Google's Gmail are necessary for your organization's brand identity, and graphics are a big part of making them look professional.

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5 Reasons to Use Gmail Over Outlook

by Denise Hazime on Jan 15, 2015

Here are a few very good reasons to consider switching your organization over to the Gmail interface.

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Lock Down Data with New Data Protection Features in Google Sheets

by Denise Hazime on Jan 19, 2015

You can now lock down all content except for one cell or range of cells, making using Google Sheets for financial professionals much easier.

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Mobile App and Teacher Assignments Page Launched for Google Classroom

by Denise Hazime on Jan 22, 2015

Six months ago, Google launched Classroom, a way for teachers to create and collect assignments without using paper.

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