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Act-On Master List Creation & List Maintenance Programs

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Mar 4, 2015

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a List Maintenance Program through the ‘Contacts’ Menu within Act-On.

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Record Typing over wMobile

by Andrei Voiculescu on Mar 4, 2015

A Record Type defines a “special” view of a contact and its related elements, according to a given Record Type Rule applied to the current contact.

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Why Every Business Needs to Reduce Risk With Google Vault

by Denise Hazime on Mar 5, 2015

Google Vault can be used for everyday operations such as disputes with customers, searching a user’s email for important information if they are on vacation.

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SugarCRM in the Next 10 Years

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Mar 5, 2015

Discover some of the the greatest achievements made by the users, customers, partners, employees and the community as a whole around SugarCRM.

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Improve Email Deliverability and Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox

by Amanda Anderson on Mar 5, 2015

Email marketing is an essential component of most marketing strategies and the most effective channel for reaching prospects.

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D&B for Sugar: No More Cold Calls

by Katie Liesmann on Mar 10, 2015

D&B for Sugar is an application that allows sales reps and marketers to find the contact info for the Lead or Account they're looking at in their CRM system.

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How to Automatically Convert Emails to PDFs and Store Them on Google Drive

by Denise Hazime on Mar 12, 2015

UpCurve Cloud developed a script that can automatically convert emails to PDFs and store them on Google Drive if the emails fit within a certain criteria.

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Troubleshooting in wMobile Manager Console

by Lynn Catterson on Mar 16, 2015

We certainly hope you don’t have problems often with wMobile, but here are some tips to determine issues and troubleshoot quickly.

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Sugar External Content Dashlet with Act-On

by Christian Wettre on Mar 18, 2015

Here at UpCurve Cloud we are continuously polishing our SugarCRM dashboards and we are looking for new ways to visualize our information.

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Custom Sugar Calendar Project for National Massage Broker

by Amanda Anderson on Mar 18, 2015

You can’t argue that Sugar is a flexible platform when we write about one customer using it to manage medicine sales and now another using it to book massages.

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New Google Apps for Work Admin Console Makes Managing Users Easier

by Denise Hazime on Mar 19, 2015

The new Google Apps for Work admin console was redesigned in 2015 as part of Material Design, a Google initiative to make all of its products easier to use.

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Sugar User Group: Sugar Sales Automation Ideas

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Mar 19, 2015

This Sugar User Group focused on Sugar Sales Automation Ideas and reviewed our effective customization techniques to prepare Sugar to manage a sales process.

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