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Why Every Business Needs to Reduce Risk With Google Vault

by Denise Hazime on Mar 5, 2015

Google Vault can be used for everyday operations such as disputes with customers, searching a user’s email for important information if they are on vacation.

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How to Automatically Convert Emails to PDFs and Store Them on Google Drive

by Denise Hazime on Mar 12, 2015

UpCurve Cloud developed a script that can automatically convert emails to PDFs and store them on Google Drive if the emails fit within a certain criteria.

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New Google Apps for Work Admin Console Makes Managing Users Easier

by Denise Hazime on Mar 19, 2015

The new Google Apps for Work admin console was redesigned in 2015 as part of Material Design, a Google initiative to make all of its products easier to use.

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How to Remove Yourself From Reply-All Emails in Gmail

by Denise Hazime on Mar 26, 2015

Gmail has easy ways to deal with all of the nightmare scenarios that can be spawned by reply-all.

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