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Let’s Change Our Outlook

by Denise Hazime on Apr 2, 2015

Both Google Calendar and Outlook offer in-depth calendar management. But Google Calendar has many capabilities that make it a better choice than Outlook. Read More »

Houston CRM Lunch & Learn Recap

by Katie Liesmann on Apr 9, 2015

Last week, UpCurve Cloud co-hosted a Lunch & Learn in Houston, Texas at Sullivan’s Steakhouse with SugarCRM and Dun & Bradstreet. Read More »

How to Use Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

by Denise Hazime on Apr 9, 2015

Google Apps Migration seamlessly syncs mail, calendar events, contacts, notes, and tasks between Microsoft Exchange and your Google Apps account in the cloud. Read More »

New Sugar Field Type: Notification Text Field Module Download

by Christian Wettre on Apr 13, 2015

We love the freedom to create with SugarCRM 7. In this article we are sharing a custom module for Sugar that creates a new field type. Read More »

wMobile Knowledge Base

by Bogdan Ioan Botea on Apr 15, 2015

The wMobile Knowledge Base provides a resource for maintaining any type of information useful to an organization or an individual. Read More »

New Features: Force Chats on the Record and Store Them in Google Vault

by Denise Hazime on Apr 16, 2015

Google has given Google Apps administrators the power to force all chats to be on the record, and chat history to be recorded and stored in Google Vault. Read More »

April 2015 Marketing Automation Bootcamp Recap

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Apr 16, 2015

UpCurve Cloud held their Marketing Automation Bootcamp with Brandon Contreras from Act-On Marketing Automation Software. Read More »

SugarCon 2015 Recap: Day 1

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Apr 21, 2015

UpCurve Cloud is excited to be at SugarCon this year with a handful of our developers, Consultant Manager, Marketing Manager and President. Read More »

How a Collaboration Suite Like Gmail Trumps Standalone Email Clients Like Outlook

by Denise Hazime on Apr 23, 2015

A collaboration suite brings email out of the dark ages and integrates it with all the other software services your business uses every day. Read More »

SugarCon 2015 Recap: Day 2

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Apr 23, 2015

If you thought that Day 1 of SugarCon 2015 was jam-packed with lots of exciting activities, Day 2 was just as productive! Read More »

Remote GoldMine Service UNC and Virtual Drive Configuration

by Daniel Ciobanu on Apr 28, 2015

Configuring Remote GoldMine Service with SystemDir as UNC path or Virtual Drive can be challenging. We'll analyze scenarios and solutions in this article. Read More »

Developers Throwdown at SugarCon 2015

by Katie Liesmann on Apr 30, 2015

The App Throwdown is the most anticipated event during SugarCon each year. Read More »

UpCurve Cloud Engineers Hack Into Sugar’s Development Process at UnCon

by Katie Liesmann on Apr 30, 2015

UnCon is an event held each year at SugarCon solely for Sugar developers. Read More »

SugarCon 2015: UnCon Recap

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Apr 30, 2015

UnCon provided an opportunity for our Sugar Developer’s to hack side-by side with SugarCRM core engineers. Read More »

wMobile User Group: Displaying Custom Views

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Apr 30, 2015

Our wMobile User Group webinar focused on the topic: Displaying Custom Views. Read More »