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Google Password Alert Stops Phishing in its Tracks

by Denise Hazime on Jun 4, 2015

In the past, there was nothing you can do to protect users in your company from phishing attacks. Google has changed that with Password Alert.

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Google’s Revolutionary Inbox Gmail App Now Available for Google Apps for Work

by Denise Hazime on Jun 11, 2015

Big news for any business who has employees using Gmail on the go: Google opened up use of its Inbox app for Gmail to all users.

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Zoho Projects Will Change Project Management in Your Business

by Denise Hazime on Jun 18, 2015

Zoho Projects has all of the core functions you need in a project management solution, with full integration with the rest of your Zoho apps and Google Apps.

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How is Google Slides Better than PowerPoint for Presentations?

by Denise Hazime on Jun 25, 2015

Google Slides offers an exciting choice over PowerPoint for those who want to collaboratively build engaging presentations.

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