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5 Tips to Increase User Adoption of Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on Jul 1, 2015

Getting your system up and running is just the beginning of your CRM journey. After it’s set up, After it’s set up, how do you get your sales reps to use it?

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Introducing Zoho Forms – Empowering the Mobile Business

by Denise Hazime on Jul 2, 2015

Zoho recently introduced Forms, which allow you to add forms to your website or internal tools that automatically feed into your Zoho CRM tool.

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[Free White Paper Download] 10 Things You Can Do to Ensure Your SugarCRM Success

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Jul 2, 2015

A white paper listing our top ten best practices to help you roll out a successful CRM system and ensure its success.

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Scanning Business Cards into Sugar

by Christian Wettre on Jul 7, 2015

Business Cards are alive and well. We often get the question on how to best scan these cards and enter them into Sugar.

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Sugar User Group: Configure Sugar Without Code

by Katie Liesmann on Jul 7, 2015

Organizations are often hesitant to adopt a CRM because they think they need coding skills. In this Sugar User Group we discuss how to customize without code.

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5 Signs You Need a CRM

by Katie Liesmann on Jul 8, 2015

Learn the tell-tale signs that your organization is ready for a CRM system.

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How to Create Your Own Custom Maps from Google Drive

by Denise Hazime on Jul 9, 2015

Google My Maps is now accessible from Google Drive, which lets you create easily shareable maps using multiple data sources, including CRM data.

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wMobile Notification Services

by Daniel Ciobanu on Jul 9, 2015

wMobile Notification Services is a framework that allows users to be notified by email, SMS or other means when an event occurs.

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Global Search Shortcut Easter Egg, “The Sweet Spot” in Sugar 7.6

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Jul 13, 2015

Learn about SugarCRM's Sweet Spot and quickly locate contacts, accounts and much more within your Sugar instance.

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CRM on the Go

by Katie Liesmann on Jul 14, 2015

With the recent release of SugarCRM Mobile 2.5, this is a great time to review the basic and advanced features of the mobile application.

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Sugar User Group: Sugar 7.6 Highlights

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Jul 15, 2015

This Sugar User Group Webinar focused on an overview of Sugar 7.6's new features, including Advanced Workflow.

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Using the Concat Function in Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on Jul 16, 2015

The concat function can be intimidating, but if you start with the basics you can gain confidence to create more complicated formulas.

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