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Increase the ROI of your CRM

by Katie Liesmann on Aug 4, 2015

Below, we put together a list of ways to increase the return of your CRM.

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New Email Security Settings Let You Lock Down Emails with Google Apps

by Denise Hazime on Aug 6, 2015

Google has just added an update which allows admins to modify delivery of emails or even reject attachments based on various criteria.

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How Company Culture Affects the Success of CRM

by Bill Harrison on Aug 7, 2015

The UpCurve Cloud team has discovered some universal truths about how to increase user adoption of new technology.

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Zoho Creator – Build Custom Programs and Apps Without the Hassle

by Denise Hazime on Aug 13, 2015

Zoho Creator enables you to build form-based applications which generate reports and present the activity in customizable dashboards for your end users.

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Enhancing Security in Sugar with Single Sign-On using Azure Active Directory

by Paul Candela on Aug 17, 2015

In this article we show you how to use your Office 365 account and Azure Active Directory as a Single Sign-On tool to log into your Sugar account.

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New Feature: Use Hangouts to Present to Anyone on the Go

by Denise Hazime on Aug 19, 2015

Google has the ability to show a presentation from any Android device in Hangouts, merging the face-to-face nature of video conferences with presentations.

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‘It’s a Sweet Life’ for SugarCRM at the 2015 CRM Market Awards

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Aug 19, 2015

In the 14th annual CRM Market Awards, we were pleased to see that SugarCRM had a very strong showing.

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Setting wMobile User Options

by Lynn Catterson on Aug 19, 2015

Users have the ability to edit their own settings in wMobile Phone and Desktop. It can also be done administratively in wMobile's Manager Console. Learn how.

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CRM Evolution 2015 & Skyline Soirée at 230 FIFTH Rooftop Recap

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Aug 21, 2015

Both Act-On and SugarCRM had a presence at CRM Evolution 2015 and UpCurve Cloud couldn't pass the opportunity to go and show our support!

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Best Practices for Sugar Reports

by Lynn Catterson on Aug 24, 2015

This article will walk you through creating a role that will prevent users from deleting or editing a report that they did not create.

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Custom Dashlets to Prioritize Information in Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on Aug 25, 2015

While these dashlets were designed with a specific company in mind, optimizing views with customizations can increase user adoption.

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Increase Efficiency by Automating Tasks with Zoho

by Denise Hazime on Aug 27, 2015

Automated tasks can increase lead conversion by doing things like automatically assigning new leads or sending welcome emails. Zoho CRM make it easy to set up.

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