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Using Google Apps as Your Getting Things Done Solution

by Denise Hazime on Jan 7, 2016

With new improvements to its mobile apps, Google has recently made it possible to use Google Apps as a Getting Things Done solution as well.

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Lock Down Company Email with Gmail Data Loss Prevention

by Denise Hazime on Jan 14, 2016

Gmail's Data Loss Prevention features enables businesses to keep a tight grip on key information, both internally and externally.

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Google Drive or Dropbox: Which Should Your Business Choose for File Sharing?

by Denise Hazime on Jan 21, 2016

Google Drive and Dropbox are both excellent file sharing solutions. But why have two tools that do the same job?

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Marketing Automation 101: Zoho CRM Enterprise

by Denise Hazime on Jan 28, 2016

While Zoho's basic plan offers Gmail integration, the Enterprise Edition also offers a marketing automation solution.

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