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How to Make Gmail Look Like Outlook - 2016 Edition

by Denise Hazime on Mar 3, 2016

While Gmail is radically different, and better in a number of ways, there are ways to make Gmail look, feel and act like Outlook.

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Gmail Data Loss Prevention Updates Include Scanning Images

by Denise Hazime on Mar 10, 2016

Since late 2015 when Google introduced Gmail Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Google rolled out some updates to Gmail DLP that make it even more effective.

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Why You Should Stop Telling Google Apps to “Get Off Your Lawn”

by Denise Hazime on Mar 17, 2016

Google Apps for Work is a proven collaboration and communication tool that can save any size of company money.

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Tips and Tricks for Improving Business Email Security

by Denise Hazime on Mar 24, 2016

Email security is becoming an issue for companies which need to secure company data, stay in compliance with regulations, and avoid wasting IT resources.

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