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5 Questions Business Owners Have Before Switching to VoIP Phones

by Denise Hazime on Apr 7, 2016

A look at the questions most business owners want an answer to about a VoIP phone solution before they can sign on the digital dotted line.

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Google Single Sign On Made Easier and Better

by Denise Hazime on Apr 14, 2016

Google Single Sign-On is an excellent way to lock down your company’s data security and enforce company-wide policies for access to specific websites and email.

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Google Calendar Just Became Your Personal Assistant with Reminders and Goals

by Denise Hazime on Apr 21, 2016

With the introduction of Reminders for Google Calendar for the Web and Goals for Google Calendar for mobile devices, Google has made organization seamless.

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How Can You Edit Google Docs Offline? Easy! Docs and Any Google Apps Files Can Be Synced to Your Local Drive

by Denise Hazime on Apr 28, 2016

While always-connected cloud computing has its benefits, you may find yourself without a reliable Internet connection. This is where G Suite by Google Cloud excels.

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