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Up Your Presentation Game with Google Slides

by Denise Hazime on Dec 1, 2016

Google Slides is better than PowerPoint for presentations and has upped its game further through the introduction of a vast template library.

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Google’s New App Maker Enables Business with Simple App Development

by Denise Hazime on Dec 8, 2016

Google has by rolled out a product that will help businesses create simple online apps of their own with minimal or no coding knowledge: App Maker.

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A Guide to Migrating Google Drive Files from One Google Account to Another

by Denise Hazime on Dec 15, 2016

Looking at migrating Google Drive files from a Google account to another? It's worth it if you are nearing your file size limit on a free Google Account.

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From PC to Mobile - How G Suite Is Bridging the Gap

by Denise Hazime on Dec 22, 2016

Today’s business technology is increasingly moving away from traditional office computers and laptops to smartphones and other mobile devices.

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5 Important Changes You Need to Make to Your Business Software in 2017

by Denise Hazime on Dec 29, 2016

The most effective solutions are accessible in the cloud on any device, and integrate with each other to make your business more efficient.

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