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Sugar User Group: Customer Journey Plug-In

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Feb 1, 2017

In this Sugar User Group, we demoed how you can manage any business process using a customizable set of checklists in Sugar.

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Over 3 Million Businesses Are on G Suite: Why Not Yours?

by Denise Hazime on Feb 2, 2017

As of January 2017, there are over 3 million businesses using G Suite, Google’s collection of apps and tools for everyday office software and email needs.

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Get a SmartStart: Software to Grow Your Business

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Feb 3, 2017

This webinar discussed how your organization can gain immediate value and results with CRM.

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SugarCRM Releases Mobile 4.1

by Katie Liesmann on Feb 6, 2017

Sugar Mobile version 4.1.0 has four new features in the new edition of mobile and they all revolve around offline mode.

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Sales + Marketing: Tearing Down the Silos

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Feb 8, 2017

Successful organizations need to utilize both CRM and marketing automation systems.Connecting these two systems can help you fully realize the value in each.

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SugarCRM Deployment Options

by Katie Liesmann on Feb 8, 2017

One highly applauded feature of SugarCRM is the multiple hosting options it provides.

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Improved Activity Filtering in wMobile Phone QuickSearch Results

by Lynn Catterson on Feb 9, 2017

The QuickSearch queries several fields at once. By default, it uses Company, Contact, and City, but the fields can be customized.

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New Enterprise-Friendly Security Features for G Suite

by Denise Hazime on Feb 9, 2017

As more and more businesses adopt G Suite, Google is rolling out new security features that are squarely aimed at the large business category.

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Embedded Content Field

by Cristian Golopenta on Feb 14, 2017

The Embedded Content Field is a new addition to uTilities, our library of Sugar Customizations that allows users to embed social media content to records.

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Search Everything in G Suite with Google Cloud Search

by Denise Hazime on Feb 16, 2017

Leave it to your search engine company to make finding everything your business needs easier with Google Cloud Search.

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CRM for Legal: Product Demo

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Feb 22, 2017

In this webinar, see how CRM can be used to manage your firm’s referral relationships, matter pipeline, new business prospecting, and relationships.

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5 Tips for Managing Remote Workers for Company Owners & Managers

by Denise Hazime on Feb 23, 2017

There are many guides out there for remote workers and companies that choose to let people work from home - but not many for managers of remote workers.

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Tracking Subscriptions in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on Feb 24, 2017

To manage subscriptions and renewals in Sugar some organizations add additional fields to Sugar’s Accounts module.

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wMobile User Group: Creating Filters in wMobile Desktop

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Feb 27, 2017

Our wMobile User Group focused on the topic: Creating Filters in wMobile Desktop.

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Sugar Target and Target List Functionality with Act-On

by Paul Scondac on Feb 28, 2017

Act-On Marketing Automation was recently updated with the ability to send emails to Targets and Target Lists imported from Sugar.

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