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Sugar Showcase: uMaps

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Mar 1, 2017

In this Sugar Showcase webinar, we featured uMaps - our Sugar Integration to Bing Maps.

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Working From Home? Set Yourself Up for Success

by Denise Hazime on Mar 2, 2017

When you are working from home, there are things you can do to excel in your home office just as much you would at the office.

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Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 2: Understand the Buyer

by Lisa Cannon on Mar 7, 2017

In part two of this series meant to improve sales and marketing cooperation, you’ll learn how to identify the target buyer and outline the buyer’s journey.

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Custom Folders in the GoldMine Inbox

by Lynn Catterson on Mar 8, 2017

wMobile Desktop now supports adding, editing and deleting custom folders in the GoldMine Inbox.

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Google Keep & Google Meet: Two New Tools for G Suite Business Users

by Denise Hazime on Mar 9, 2017

Google Keep and Google Meet are the newest tools coming the way of business users of G Suite.

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The Pragmatic Sugar Developer

by Matthew Marum on Mar 14, 2017

How reading The Pragmatic Programmer can guide any Sugar Developer to customize, integrate, and extend the Sugar platform.

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Massive New G Suite Features Built for Business

by Denise Hazime on Mar 16, 2017

There were many announcements to come out of Google Next conference, but the most important for business users are the improvements to G Suite.

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Sugar User Group: Sugar Logic

by Katie Liesmann on Mar 17, 2017

Our Sugar User Group focused on the new features and enhancements in Sugar 7.7.

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Methods for Adding Email Addresses to Email Messages in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on Mar 23, 2017

In Salesforce most activities regardless of type are created as tasks. Learn how to successfully migrate these activities from Salesforce to Sugar.

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Remote Work: Proven Higher Engagement & Productivity

by Denise Hazime on Mar 23, 2017

The biggest recent news in remote work is that IBM is slashing its remote worker program, a move that is upsetting many employees of the tech giant.

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The (Enhanced) Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet

by Paul Scondac on Mar 23, 2017

The updated Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet facilitates navigating through charts by allowing users to click on any element of a chart to see their detailed data

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How-to Build a Dependent Alert for Outdated Opportunities in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on Mar 23, 2017

In this blog post we explain how to build a dependent alert that displays only when certain criteria are met.

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How to Build Chart Layouts for Sugar 7

by David Ranney on Mar 28, 2017

This post is targeted at beginner to intermediate Sugar Developers who want to learn how to build their first Chart component.

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New Address—Same Quirky UpCurve Cloud Team

by Katie Liesmann on Mar 28, 2017

UpCurve Cloud loaded up its desks, computers, and coffee makers and trekked two miles across town to its new office location.

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Sugar User Group: Best Practices in CRM and Marketing Automation Working Together

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Mar 29, 2017

In our Sugar User Group Meeting, we demonstrated how we use Sugar and Act-On for marketing and sales at UpCurve Cloud.

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