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Boost Your Business With Machine Learning: Free Event at Google June 15, 2017

by Denise Hazime on Jun 2, 2017

UpCurve Cloud encourages its clients to adopt a unified workflow approach which allows all of your company data to be tracked and analyzed with Prodoscore.

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Using CRM to Manage Law Firm Referral Relationships

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Jun 7, 2017

Today’s law firms rely heavily on CRM systems which capture customer information and make it easier to provide great customer service.

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Get a SmartStart: Software to Grow Your Business

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Jun 7, 2017

This webinar explained how your organization can gain immediate value and results with CRM.

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Setting Up Work Profiles on Your Company’s Mobile Android Devices

by Denise Hazime on Jun 8, 2017

Business G Suite users have now the ability to set up “Work Profiles” for employees on mobile Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

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Relationship Tree in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on Jun 9, 2017

Support for the Relationship Tree has been included in wMobile since version 2.1. We had an inquiry about it recently, so it seemed a good time for a refresher!

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Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 4: When to Pass a Lead to Sales

by Act-On Content Team on Jun 9, 2017

In part four of this series of posts, we’ll outline what defines a qualified lead.

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Is Your Sales Lead Process Half-Baked? 6 Questions to Consider

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Jun 13, 2017

In this post, we’ll cover six questions to consider, determining whether your sales lead process is both efficient and effective.

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Keep eDiscovery-Compliant Legal Records with G Suite & Prodoscore

by Denise Hazime on Jun 15, 2017

G Suite for Business and Enterprise are built to make the eDiscovery process easy for any digital document or communication - from email to spreadsheets.

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How To Continuously Improve Your CRM (Part One - Data)

by Bill Harrison on Jun 16, 2017

The process of getting the maximum value from your CRM investment is a process of continuous improvement.

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Collabspot - Sugar in Office 365

by Paul Scondac on Jun 20, 2017

The Office 365 version of Collabspot offers the same core features as its Gmail counterpart, and lets you access Sugar right from inside Microsoft Office.

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Sales Team Management: Transparency & Insight Help You Manage Teams Effectively

by Denise Hazime on Jun 22, 2017

With Prodoscore’s productivity measuring platform and accountability across the board, your sales team will be more effective than ever before.

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5 SugarCRM Support Resources

by Katie Liesmann on Jun 23, 2017

At some point or another every Sugar user requires outside support to solve a Sugar issue. Read this post to learn about your resources.

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