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7 Steps to Achieving Optimal Sales & Marketing Alignment

by Act-On Content Team on Sep 1, 2017

The seven essential steps that will help move your sales and marketing teams toward the ultimate goal of working together smoothly.

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SmartStart: Software to Grow Your Business

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on Sep 1, 2017

Our SmartStart webinar discussed how your business can gain immediate value and results with CRM.

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Using E-mail Fields Correctly in Sugar

by David Wheeler on Sep 5, 2017

Email handling is core to CRM software, so managing a person’s multiple e-mail addresses correctly is essential in your Sugar customizations and integrations.

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The Benefit of CRM for Sales

by Paul Petersen on Sep 5, 2017

Take a look at some tips on how to get more sales out of your CRM, brought to you by Paul Petersen, VP of GoldMine. Paul has been involved with sales & marketin

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wMobile User Group: User Management in the wMobile Manager Console

by Paul Scondac on Sep 7, 2017

Our wMobile User Group focused on the topic: User Management in the wMobile Manager Console

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Data: Protecting Your Company’s Most Important Asset

by Denise Hazime on Sep 8, 2017

Security with G Suite is customizable and almost invisible to your users.

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Chrome Enterprise: Tighter Security and More Enterprise Features

by Denise Hazime on Sep 13, 2017

Time to ditch Windows - Chrome Enterprise will offer users more control, interactivity, and flexibility to meet all their business needs.

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Getting Independent Sales Reps and the Manufacturer on the Same Team

by Simona Croitoru on Sep 14, 2017

At SugarCon 2017, Avi Bar from ASI will host a session and discuss how ASI got its independent reps on the same page.

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GoldMine User Group: Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards

by Paul Scondac on Sep 15, 2017

In this GoldMine User Group, we discussed how to take advantage of the powerful dashboards feature in GoldMine.

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SugarCon 2017 Spotlight: Tracks

by Simona Croitoru on Sep 15, 2017

Take a look at the five tracks from SugarCon 2017 where industry experts and leaders will deliver technical input on how to transform customer relationships.

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New Sugar Release Process

by Shilpi Narang on Sep 19, 2017

SugarCRM is moving to an improved release process for Sugar, their core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product.

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CRM for Credit Unions

by Paul Scondac on Sep 20, 2017

In this webinar, we covered the top 5 ways that Sugar provides credit union functionality.

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