Automate Your Email with New Gmail Features and Schema

by Denise Hazime on November 12, 2015

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If you’ve been using Gmail, you already know what a productivity enhancer it is. Intelligently organizing your email into labels, so only the important items make it into your primary inbox, allowing you to automatically unsubscribe from any newsletter without undergoing the Spanish Inquisition, and more.

Google has improved on the automation of both dealing with your inbox and sending email with enhanced features in updates made in the last few months. Let’s break them down:

Google Inbox Will Now Reply to Your Email for You

While it does require you approving the response, for obvious reasons, Google Inbox users will now get three choices at the bottom of the screen to use to respond to emails quickly.

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You can choose to use the replies as the start to your own, or just send them as-is. This new feature is meant to speed up productivity for smartphone users - Google Inbox is available on both iOS and Android, and if you’ve been waiting to adopt it, this may be the reason you need. Google Inbox automatically syncs with your Gmail, so when you get back to the office all emails you’ve moved to your archive, emails you’ve read, and anything else will all appear just as they would if you were using the Gmail app.

The feature is called Smart Reply in Inbox, and it was just launched in the beginning of November 2015. It is now available to all Inbox users, and uses machine learning to come up with smart replies to your email the more you use Inbox and Smart Reply.

Using Email Schema to Add Buttons to Email and More

If your eyes started glossing over at the word “schema”, don’t think of it as an arcane technical term. Think of it as a way to amp up your email campaigns from “good” to “ridiculously profitable”. Why? Email schema in Gmail let you do amazing things like add an RSVP button for events, a review button, and the ability to showcase emails you have sent to clients or potential clients in their search results in Google when they look for items that mention key phrases in your email. And that’s just the start of what adding schema to your email can do.

Add to Queue

You can have dates added to Google Calendar automatically, highlight travel reservation details, and much more. To see more about what you can do with schemas in Gmail and Inbox, check out the Google Developer website.

The only problem with adding schema to your email is that it does require some coding to get it to work. If you just want your emails to do these magnificent things without taking an afternoon to code them, contact UpCurve Cloud and we’ll get it implemented for you in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. While we’re at it, ask us about Google Apps for Work, Zoho, and other suites that will future-proof your business and get you working smarter and faster.

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