Automating Support on Your Website: The Business Case

by Denise Hazime on December 3, 2015


Since we’re not living in 1999 anymore, we can all agree that email is not the most efficient way to do business. Emails get lost or filtered to junk mail, which could spell disaster for your business if an angry client is on the other end of that email looking for support.

Automating support on your website with a system like Zoho Support rather than giving your customers a support email address moves your business into the 21st century and gives you much more flexibility than email alone. It’s simple to install, and comes at an affordable cost. It’s available for any mobile device, offers comprehensive reporting, and these other great features.

All Channels in One Place: Phone, Email, & Social Media

When your customer service reps open up their dashboard, they’ll be able to log phone calls, view support questions on your company’s social media channels, and view incoming requests from your website – all in one place. This means more productivity by having one rep handle one customer, since customers with an issue tend to use more than one channel if they don’t receive an immediate response.

Many Channels

Automation of Basic Tasks

Rather than having one customer service rep acting as the gatekeeper for all requests and sucking their time away, you can choose to have certain requests be automatically delivered to certain reps based on criteria that you specify. Automate service escalations, so if a high-powered client is having issues, anything that comes from them can go specifically to your team lead, their account manager, or both. The possibilities are endless.

Automate Productive

Integrate with Zoho CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is integral to keeping your customers happy and keeping your business organized. When a ticket is submitted via your website or created at all in Zoho Support, all of the information surrounding that ticket is automatically made available in Zoho CRM. This lets you turn problems into opportunities - if a customer is having a number of problems with their existing package, an upgrade may solve that problem, making them happy and making your business more money. Integration with Zoho CRM makes for a more personalized conversation for your account managers and, in the end, happier clients.

Conversely, if your client is already in Zoho CRM, Zoho Support will pull in all of their information, giving your customer service reps more to work with.

If you’re interested in getting up and running with a solution that can turn your customer service department into a profit centre rather than a cost centre, contact UpCurve Cloud today. We can handle all aspects of installation of both Zoho CRM and Zoho Support, customizing them for your business and integrating them with other systems. 

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