Google just celebrated 20 years of “building for everyone.” While the internet certainly holds the power to distract us, Google has provided us with countless resources at our fingertips and continues to develop tools and services so that we can work smarter, not harder.

Google’s G Suite, in particular, is a remarkably convenient resource for businesses of all sizes. However, each business is unique, thus each company’s workflow requires a different level of customization. Google recognizes the reality of every businesses’ specific needs, and so it expands its G Suite by allowing for the integration of a multitude of applications.

There are a handful of applications Google may recommend for certain functions, but overall there are hundreds of possible integrations for G Suite. It can be overwhelming to decide which applications are the best fit. Fortunately, the power of research makes it easier to narrow down your options.

Don’t have time to Google it all yourself? No worries, we’ve given you a place to start. If you’re looking to cultivate a more productive workplace, check out these highly recommended G Suite integrations.


Docusign is exactly what it sounds like: an integration to sign and send documents using eSignatures. You can sign or request a signature directly from Google Drive and Gmail so that workflow is “simple, secure, and completely digital.”

Consequently, signing and sending documents with DocuSign is indeed more secure than having to keep tabs on all that paperwork. DocuSign documents are encrypted and maintain a complete audit trail that’s much more succinct than any paper trails.

The DocuSign integration is simple to incorporate into your workday. You simply send the file through Gmail or Google Drive and then select the option to open with DocuSign. From there, you can send the document to those that need to sign it, as well as those who need to see it or keep it on file. Thus, the approval process is streamlined and all of your contracts are secure.


Trello is a user-friendly task management app that is an excellent option for teams and individuals alike. In Trello, managers can create customizable boards with lists of tasks to be completed. Now Trello integrates with Gmail, making it an ideal option for those that utilize the G Suite.

The Trello integration for Gmail allows you to turn emails into actionable tasks on corresponding Trello boards with just a few clicks. You save time that would otherwise be spent navigating multiple websites and repeating the vital information so that you have more time to actually complete those tasks.


LumApps is the only recommended intranet for G Suite. There are a ton of possible functions for LumApps, but what’s most important for productivity purposes are its communication solutions. After all, communication and productivity go hand in hand. LumApps makes sure those don’t lose their grip.

Described as “the perfect mix of a corporate portal and social network,” Lumapps provides a network unique to your company where managers can make important announcements. Employees can then comment on these posts, which can even include content like videos or documents.

It’s even possible to take votes or create surveys through LumApps, so that not only is it helping you be more productive, but it’s also helping you discover how to become more productive in the future.

All your company communications are in one place with the LumApps integration. Gone are the days of accidentally hitting “reply all” or answering the same question twenty times in the same hour an announcement is made.


Okta’s G Suite integration syncs G Suite with your Active Directory. When you sync Okta with your directory, you can also use your Google login credentials across apps and devices. This can prove to be especially helpful for those transitioning to G Suite from other systems.


Asana is a popular and comprehensive project management app. Its G Suite integration essentially allows you to combine the productivity powers of G Suite and Asana.

You can attach files from Google Drive to your updates in Asana, and sync the deadline calendar in Asana with your Google Calendar. You can also run custom reports and visualizations for Asana using Google Sheets.

Basically, the Asana integration allows you to enhance the Asana experience but also combines the management power of Asana with the file-collaborating powers of the G Suite.

Applications, Assemble!

Whether its communication, task management, or secure information, G-Suite integrations give you the chance to combine the powers of multiple apps into one mighty team. Use them to spend less time switching between sites and systems so that you can spend more time cultivating a more powerfully productive workplace.