Google is constantly looking for ways to innovate with their cloud-productivity platform, offering a steady stream of unique new features to boost employee productivity and empower teams by allowing them to work together from anywhere, at any time. G Suite is the world’s leading cloud-based productivity solution, being used by businesses around the world for its ability to bring teams together in a highly productive collaborative environment.

Google recently unveiled a whole host of new and upcoming features for G Suite that aim to make the lives of employees and employers a lot easier, allowing you to do things like complete tasks without leaving the comfort of your Gmail inbox, collaborate with non-Google users on G Suite files, increase accessibility through live captioning and live editing, and request and review formal approvals in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Visitor sharing lets non-Google users collaborate on files

It might be hard to believe, but not all workplaces have made the jump to G Suite yet. This means that you’ll almost certainly be working with clients and partners who are unable to access your businesses G Suite files, resulting in confusion and miscommunication that is usually only resolved by tedious file conversions.

Google’s new beta feature allows non-Google accounts to access and collaborate within Docs, Sheets, and Slides files, accessing them with a specially assigned PIN to verify their identity. Trusted visitors will have the ability to view, edit, comment, and suggest edits on your files, doing away with annoying back-and-forth file-swapping and tedious conversions. The visitor sharing feature is currently in beta, so look for its official release in the near future.

Request formal approvals on Docs, Sheets, and Slides files

Approvals are a necessary part of any project proposal or purchase agreement. Before the introduction of formal document approvals, the process was more complicated than it had to be. This beta feature allows G Suite Business and Enterprise users to request approvals on important files, having the ability to request approval from multiple users. Approval requests can be sent with a specified due date, ensuring that it’s signed off on time. If reviewers forget about the request, they’ll be reminded about the upcoming approval due date via email. This upcoming feature makes it much easier for businesses to ensure that documents are properly approved by all parties prior to being sent out, or before a project can commence.

Complete tasks without leaving your inbox

The new dynamic email feature lets users complete tasks without leaving their Gmail inbox. G Suite users are now able to do things like responding to Google Docs comments, fill out questionnaires, reply to invitations, and browse catalogs from within Gmail messages. Dynamic email can be turned on in the Google Admin console, allowing your team to increase productivity directly from the comfort of their inbox.

Improved accessibility for assistive technology users

Your productivity solution should work for all employees. G Suite has improved accessibility for users of assistive technologies through live editing and live captioning features. With live edits, users who rely on screen readers and Braille displays can easily stay up-to-date with updates being made by collaborators within Google Docs through the sidebar. Live captions in Hangouts Meet allow users to view live captions during meetings, ensuring that employees who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can overcome barriers and be able to participate and stay up-to-date in team meetings. These accessibility features are currently available to all G Suite users.

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