Come join UpCurve Cloud and a panel of speakers from Google, Salesforce, Vonage and Prodoscore to find out how Google’s powerful machine learning can help you simplify your workflow and make your company’s everyday operations easier and more transparent.

Unifying Workflow with Google Cloud Machine Learning takes place on June 15 at Google’s office in Irvine, California from 10:00 to 12:00, and includes an impressive lineup of experts from various companies to show how you can tie everything in your business together.

Machine Learning Enables Your Business to Learn - and Profit - From Big Data

Machine learning is the technology which makes it possible to take big data and transform it into actionable analytics. UpCurve Cloud encourages its clients to adopt a unified workflow approach which allows all of your company data - phone calls, customer records, emails and more - with to be tracked and analyzed a solution called Prodoscore.

Prodoscore is based on a proprietary algorithm built on the Google Cloud Platform using Google's machine learning that takes data from G Suite (Mail, Calendar, Docs, Chat), Salesforce CRM, and Vonage Business to measure employee productivity across the organization and assign each team member a score - called a Prodoscore - to benchmark their productivity. This gives you exciting insights that you’ve never been able to experience before into what is going on in your company. It also helps to improve adoption of cloud-based business systems like Salesforce CRM, and provide coaching opportunities for employees on how their work days are utilized.

Prodoscore also gives organizations the ability to screen for trending topics within the domain (#hashtagforbusiness), which allows you to understand and see what your teams are talking about, are they pushing certain promotions or products.

An optional custom solution provided by Prodoscore's professional services team allows your business to store call recordings delivered in a wave file format from Vonage's call recording service, and convert those recordings into text using Google's transcription service to provide the sentiment of those calls.

Track What is Being Talked About in Your Company

Prodoscore enables you to identify patterns in employee workflow that you can apply to other employees to increase productivity. Prodoscore picks up trends and topics people are talking about, and allows you to see if certain topics that are supposed to be, for example, targets for a sales campaign, are being discussed. You can then take immediate action to ensure your team members are discussing what they should be.

Prodoscore also allows you to see how much time is being spent with current clients. If you have eight people all dealing with one customer, you may need to sell that customer a different package that meets needs that are obviously not being met, or need to examine internal processes to determine why so many people are catering to the same client.

In order to get the deepest insights with Prodoscore, you need G Suite, Vonage Business for your phone systems, and Salesforce for your CRM. For our event, we’ve lined up speakers representing each solution.

Speakers Include Google’s Head of Strategic Partner Enablement for Google Cloud

Michelle Behr is the Google Cloud Head of Strategic Partner Enablement at Google, and has been with Google since 2007. She’ll be instructing everyone at the event about the practical use of Google’s machine learning technology. Joining her will be UpCurve Cloud’s Denise Hazime, who will talk about integrating diverse technology products into one unified workflow. Speakers from Salesforce, Prodoscore and Vonage will also be on hand to discuss how their products integrate with G Suite.

Everyone Gets Swag and the Chance to Win Great Prizes From Google!

Just for attending the event, you’ll get some fun Google swag and the chance to win a Google Chromebook and a Google Home device. Only those who attend the event will get this fun stuff and a chance at winning, so contact us today!