Changing Your “Office” Culture for Google for Work

by Denise Hazime on September 8, 2016

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Google for Work unlocks greater email security, real-time collaboration on files, easy user administration, and a lower software cost per user than competing solutions. So why isn’t every business making the transition? One word: culture.

When it comes to making workers happy, an employer’s solution is to rock the boat as little as possible. However, Google Apps offer so many benefits, including a proven ROI, that this may be one of your battles that is worth picking. Let’s look first at some real-world examples of how Google has changed businesses for the better.  

Companies Using Google: Their Success Stories

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Vivent Solar has 4,000 employees and 51 offices, and needed a solution which would empower their mobile workforce. Google for Work’s cloud-based structure designed to work on any device fit the bill. They have realized significant cost-savings, and integrated a telephony solution called Dialpad with Google for Work to have a low-cost, easy to administer solution for both their phone and software systems. UpCurve Cloud can also suggest telephony solutions which integrate with Google for Work to fit your business.

ISG is an international construction services company that puts a high value on real-time collaboration. With Google for Work, an ISG employee can start a proposal in London and invite someone from anywhere in the world to work on it with him, in real time - usually while chatting over Google Hangouts. Building plans and designs can be reviewed in real time without any emailing back and forth, perhaps losing vital stakeholder information in the process.

Google for Work’s blog is filled with articles about companies which have made the switch to Google Apps for various reasons. Take some time to read through the blog and find out how Google Apps have solved real-world business problems at other businesses.  

Implementing Google for Work in Your Business

So the answer seems obvious - Google for Work is better, cheaper, faster and a more future-forward solution than any competitors on the market. But how will your employees like it?

Hudbay Minerals started using Google Apps in 2012, with a simple instruction that Google would be used going forward, and Outlook would no longer be available. This led to an initial outcry and a repeated call to return to Outlook from some employees. In 2014, they gave in and told the employees who wanted it back that they could have it - without the video hangouts, chats, and real-time collaboration tools they were used to. Only a dozen employees in a company of nearly 1800 took them up on the Outlook offer.

Hudbay’s experience is illustrative, in that they went for a cold install without user buy-in, but ended up in the long run with a successful installation. In its case, it was probably a handful of employees who did not like change who led the charge against Google Apps implementation. In addition, Google for Work is a very different product now than it was in 2012 - Google is continually rolling out new features and improvements, without annoying software updates on each machine as you will find with other systems. Everything takes place in the background with Google Apps since it is cloud-based.

You’re no stranger to software implementation at your own company. You know what the hurdles are, who your change agents are, and who will be resistant to that change. But in the end, the desires of a handful of employees can’t hold the company back from saving money and increasing efficiency - so what do you do?

When you purchase Google for Work from a licensed reseller like UpCurve Cloud, you gain a partner for your implementation. We offer customized training programs which speak to all levels of your organization, including the hard-to-reach employees who are resistant.

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