Six years after the launch of Chrome OS, Google has officially announced Chrome Enterprise - a major step towards its goal of making the Chrome platform as business-friendly as possible. Chrome Enterprise will offer users more control, interactivity, and flexibility to meet all their business needs.

Time To Ditch Windows – Chrome Enterprise is Leaner and More Affordable

If you’ve been thinking about switching to Chromebooks, but weren’t quite sold on the lack of an old-school Microsoft or Apple operating system, Chrome Enterprise is the product that will tip the scales in the favour of Chromebooks. Annual licensing fees are much more affordable than Windows licenses for comparable features, and it offers all the security features and OS management that you are used to on other platforms. Chromebooks are usually less expensive than other computers, unless you are looking at something at the top end.

Features That Make Chrome Enterprise Stand Out From the Crowd

Chrome Enterprise will launch at an annual fee of $50/device, and offers a host of features not previously available on Chrome OS. Perhaps the most important of these tools are increased security measures that will prevent theft of sensitive information such as emails, internal memos, and passwords, as well as providing users with Chrome Enterprise support which is available 24/7. Other new features include:

  •      Beta Google Play management tool
  •      Chrome extension and browser management
  •      Integration with Microsoft Active Directory
  •      Printer management
  •      Managed OS updates
  •      Cloud-based fleet management with increased flexibility
  •      Managed networks/proxies

In addition to these brand new tools, Enterprise gives users access to exclusive Chrome OS features such as preference syncing for Chrome users, remote desktop, and app virtualization support.

Chrome Enterprise pricing tier

Chrome Enterprise also features integration tools for companies who aren’t quite ready for the transition to exclusively cloud-based solutions. By allowing Chrome users to integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory, all Google Cloud services can still be easily accessed while still maintaining an on-premise server infrastructure.

Bring All Your Devices Together in One Package With Workspace ONE

Chrome Enterprise boasts a new unified endpoint management system, meaning that all your Chrome-supported devices can now be managed from a single management source. This takes the burden off company IT administrators, and puts the power back into the hands of the company users – if you want to give it to them.

This new multi-device support is made possible by a third party partnership with VMware’s Workspace ONE, which promotes device management through a centralized management console. This new partnership allows organizations and IT departments to deliver and enforce device policies universally, no matter what devices your employees are using.

Enterprise’s implementation of Workspace ONE allows users to choose between company-owned or bring-your-own Chrome-supported devices, allowing for more choice and customization within your team and without compromising your organization’s policy structure and digital presence.

Expanded Availability of the Chrome Platform

In addition to these exciting new features and exclusive tools found in Chrome Enterprise, Google is keeping their promise to continue expanding availability of the Play Store and making Chrome available on as many platforms as possible. A whole host of new devices have been given full availability to Chrome Enterprises’ exciting new platform. Google looks to continue expanding Chrome’s availability in the future, allowing users to have as much choice as possible.

Chrome Enterprise is an exciting step forward for businesses looking to transition to Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS platform, and boasts a great deal of exclusive tools and features that make upgrading an obvious next step for any modern organization. It puts choice back in the hands of employees without compromising company policies - making it an option with a lot to offer to everybody.

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