Chromebox and Google Hangouts Revolutionize Videoconferencing

by Denise Hazime on February 17, 2016

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While we’ve talked before about how the combination of Chromebox and Google Hangouts can simplify videoconferencing and communications in your business, Phase2 Technology has proven its efficiency and is saving over $3,000 a day through its use of Chromebox and Google Hangouts. Those who have been to a videoconference or used Google Hangouts know that the difference between seeing everyone and just hearing everyone is monumental - and we now have the technology to make videoconferencing a part of everyday business with Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts on Air.

Use Google Hangouts on Air for Training - Internal and External

Google Hangouts on Air is the elevated version of Google Hangouts, typically used for large videoconferences or to make videoconferences recordable and more interactive. It is included with the cost of your subscription to Google Apps for Work. With Google Hangouts on Air, you can have a predefined set of questions, record the call for later viewing on YouTube, and broadcast to a large number of users.

Hangouts on Air

At UpCurve Cloud, we use Google Hangouts On Air for day-to-day training, seminars and more. This allows our clients to have a record of the training we gave them that they can refer back to, which is much more useful than a PDF manual since it is information that applies directly to the  organization we are training. When we do our training, we invite senior stakeholders into the call, with everyone else in the company viewing as guests.

This way the “general public” in the organization can see the questions the stakeholders are asking, our answers to them, and understand how the solution we are training them on works for their own specific situation. All of these interactions are recorded as well, as mentioned above. In addition, since the link is to a YouTube video, our training video can easily be posted to an internal company wiki or intranet for easy access, or stored on Google Drive for everyone.

Setting up Your Hangout on Air

Before recording your first Hangout on Air, you’ll need to ensure that you have a YouTube account set up. This is because your Hangout on Air is automatically recorded to your YouTube channel. You can choose to make the video private so that only users with the link can see it after the fact. However, others don't need to have a YouTube account to participate or watch your Hangout on Air. Your YouTube account must also be in good standing without any “strikes” or negative action that Google has had to take due to copyright infringements or other items.

Before your Hangout on Air, set up all of your questions in the Q&A section, and do a test run with someone in the company you are training at, preferably one of the senior stakeholders, to ensure video and audio are working properly. It may help to drive engagement to ask participants in advance for questions that you can include in your Hangout on Air. The Q&A section is only accessible while the Hangout on Air is live, and is not recorded for future playback if the video is posted to YouTube.

Setting up Your Hangout on Air

If you’d like to find out more about using Chromebox for Meetings, Google Hangouts or Google Hangouts on Air in your organization, contact UpCurve Cloud today.

If you choose a header image for the Hangout on Air it will show up as a graphical element on the Google Calendar entry of all of your invitees, lending a more professional touch to your invite. You’ll have the option of using animated .gifs, which lend a more dynamic look to your Hangout.

Setting up Your Hangout on Air

Google has put together a helpful walkthrough of how to set up your Hangout on Air. Remember, you must be a Google Apps for Work subscriber to be able to host a Hangout on Air. Attendees do not need to be Google Apps for Work subscribers.

To find out more about how Chromebox for Meetings, Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts on Air can improve communications with clients and within your business, contact UpCurve Cloud today.

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