Completely Integrate Salesforce and Email with Cirrus Insight

by Denise Hazime on September 28, 2016

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If your business runs on Gmail and Salesforce, Cirrus Insight is a necessity to successfully integrate the two solutions. While Salesforce does offer native Gmail integration, it has considerably less features - and is less easy to use - than Cirrus Insight. Most notably, Salesforce will not log emails sent from your Gmail account with its own native integration, which is impractical for everyday use - it means you have to log in to your Gmail every time you want to send an email, even if you have a client’s Salesforce record open. Cirrus Insight removes this pain from your workflow entirely. Additionally, if you still have some holdover Outlook users in your organization, Cirrus Insight will work for them too.

Send Campaigns, Log Emails, and Much More

All of your emails will be saved to the appropriate client record with Cirrus Insight’s Email Sync feature - even attachments. Now, your CRM can truly be your CRM with all the data you need at your fingertips.

  • Cirrus Insight integrates seamlessly with Gmail
  • Save and track emails to Salesforce with just one click
  • Create and edit Salesforce records right from Gmail
  • Sync Salesforce with Google Calendar & Contacts
  • Automatically view relevant Salesforce information inside Gmail

Salesforce wasn’t really designed as an email campaign solution - it is singularly purposed for Customer Relationship Management, and its campaign capacities feel like a bolt-on feature. Cirrus Insight elevates your email campaigns to professional level, with the ability to send to a list as long as 500 names. If you have a longer list than that, you should probably look at a more purpose-built solution such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Cirrus Also Improves on Gmail

With Cirrus Insight, you can track all sent emails and links so you know who opened an email and clicked on a link - letting you know if a client received an email so you don’t have to check up on it later. Plus, if an email requires a follow-up, you can set a reminder for yourself to do so which will sync to Salesforce.

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Use on Any Device

Cirrus Insight has solutions for iOS and Android, ensuring your employees can log all communications to Salesforce whether they are on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Everything happens in the cloud, so you won’t lose any data or syncs to Salesforce.  

Learn More About Cirrus Insight at Google’s Offices

If you are reading this before October 25th, 2016, and you are in the Irvine, California area, join us at Google’s Irvine offices for a free lunch to learn more about Cirrus Insight and unifying your workflow with Google for Work. Representatives from Google and Cirrus Insight will be speaking, and you’ll be sent home with some Google swag afterwards. It’s free, but you should sign up soon because it’s first come, first served for seating.

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