To help Google Forms users create more personalized surveys, feedback forms, quizzes, and more, Google is introducing new theme customization options. Specifically, you can now choose colors and fonts to theme your form. This has been a top feature request from users, who have asked for more options to create forms that match their organization or team branding. These options will help you build forms that look and feel just right.

Google Forms - Event Feedback

Pick a Theme and Background Color

You can choose a color for your theme. When you choose a theme color, it will apply to your header background, titles, action buttons, and more. You can pick a predefined color or a custom one. After you pick a theme color, you can select a complementary color for the background.

Use an Image for the Form Header

By default, the form header matches the theme color you select. If you want, you can change this and use an image to display in the header instead.

Customize the Font Style

You can pick from several font styles to apply to your form. When you pick a style, it will apply to your form title and question text.

Google Forms - Theme Customization Options

See the Google Help Center for more details on how to change the theme of your Google Form.