Cut Employee Attrition by 50%: Embracing a Work from Home Policy

by Roxana Rangu on April 5, 2018

In this webinar, we discussed adopting a work from home policy and how that can affect eliminating employee attrition by up to 50%.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this webinar. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

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  • Introduction
  • How to Cut Employee Attrition by 50%
    • Embracing the New Workforce
    • What Are the Challenges?
    • What Tools Do You Need?
    • What Results Can You Expect
    • How Can We Help You Get There 
  • Q&A

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

Q: What are your some of your most notable customer success stories with this kind of unified cloud platform?

A: GateHouse Media

GateHouse Media - one of the biggest digital media companies in North America, as well as newspaper distributors - is a good example of a large company that didn’t have the right systems in place.

They have a dispersed workforce around the US, and when we first engaged with them, every location seemed completely separated from the others.

GateHouse Media was already using G Suite by Google Cloud and, as we started getting involved with them, we realized that they didn’t configure G Suite correctly: they had too many domains in place, and we helped consolidate all of them into one platform. In addition to that, we also assisted them in unifying their CRM platforms, as parts of the company were using Sugar, while others were on Salesforce.

They were also using multiple telephony solutions and helped them completely switch to the Vonage platform. 

By integrating Prodoscore as well, they were able to see everything that was going on across all locations, which significantly improved productivity and security, and enabled them to justify having a “work from home” policy.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

We’ve also worked with smaller companies running multiple types of applications. They switched to G Suite because it included everything they needed, and didn’t have to pay for multiple products anymore.

Then, we helped them integrate their CRM with G Suite, and once we started running reports, they realized that some of their employees were not very productive, or were not sending out the emails they were supposed to. They used that data as a coaching mechanism for their employees and offered training courses for anyone who was not accustomed with the software they were using. 

Instead of using that as an antagonizing data, they used it as a coaching mechanism. It turned out that they only needed some training because they were not using all the tools they were supposed to be using.

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