Deeper Google Drive Integration In Gmail

by Koosha Araghi on November 26, 2013

Similar to the latest Gmail Update this month that included an expanded set of options to its Quick Actions arsenal, Google is looking to increase efficiency when handling attachments.

For most of us, it has become second nature to download an email attachment, view it and make some changes depending on the type, only to have it ultimately get lost in the bottomless pits of your bloated downloads folder. Perhaps things are not so dramatic but an overhaul of the way we deal with attachments is long overdue.  

The latest change provides a much deeper level of integration with Google Drive in Gmail. The first thing you will notice is that attachments within emails are now in thumbnail form instead of a line of text with the name of the file and a download option. The thumbnail preview will provide a small glimpse of what the attachment is and allows you to maximize the file (similar to the way its done within Google Drive) directly from your email. The full screen view allows you to quickly preview your file and provides options to immediately save the file to your Drive, open it for editing, or save it to your computer.

The ability to view and save files directly into Drive without leaving Gmail allows you to quickly maneuver through your messages and access your attached files from your mobile devices or desktop computer. This update is rolling out to users this week.

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Koosha Araghi
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