Does Your Sales Team Have the Tools They Need to Do Their Job?

by Denise Hazime on March 27, 2018

More than 40% of sales teams are still using long-outdated legacy tools such as Excel spreadsheets to store their valuable customer data. These spreadsheets and other antiquated ways of storing customer data are error-prone, insecure, and extremely time-consuming for sales teams, taking their attention away from more important tasks. More and more sales departments are employing unified workflow solutions in order to increase sales, productivity, and collaboration.

The Answer? Unified Workflow Solutions

The ideal solution to the problem is to upgrade to a unified workflow solution. Using integrated tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, productivity suites like G Suite, VoIP phone systems like those provided by Vonage Business, and productivity management solutions like Prodocore. These modern tools will allow your salespeople the freedom that they desire and encourage increased communication and collaboration between team members.

A unified workflow solution will allow your team members to quickly and more effectively analyze and input customer data into their CRM solution, allow them to immediately view, send, and receive emails without losing a step, make, receive, and log customer calls with VoIP phone and CRM integration, and input data and work effectively within their productivity suite.

These cloud-based tools feature an infinite amount of potential in terms of the integrations allowed, and will free up valuable time for your employees that can be used for closing sales, following up with clients, and generating new leads. All this and more can be done from the office, from home, or on the road using a wide variety of devices including mobile, desktop, laptop, and tables. In addition to this, your employees can share data from each solution with other members of the team, allowing for increased collaboration and encouraging workplace communications within each platform.

The Drawbacks of Legacy Sales Tools

Businesses of all sizes are still forcing their sales teams to continue using outdated tools for inputting customer data, sales, commissions, marketing data, and more. These platforms often require a great deal of manual input, which takes time away from what they do best – generate leads, create relationships with customers, and make sales. Legacy workplace solutions like Excel spreadsheets don’t allow for instant access to valuable customer data, which can take preparation time away from your salespeople by forcing them to search for and review customer information manually before important sales calls.

If your business is stuck on antiquated workplace technology, then chances are that your sales team is not operating as efficiently or effectively as they can be – which can dramatically impact your bottom line. The majority of legacy workplace solutions do not feature the many useful features that newer unified workplace tools do, including cloud-based data storage, the ability to integrate and communicate with other solutions, the automatic filling in of customer data rather than going through laborious manual entry, and allowing your sales team the freedom to work from wherever they desire and on whatever device is most convenient for them. Your business and sales team deserve a solution that will allow them – and your business – to operate at maximum efficiency.

Monitor Your Team’s Workflow with Prodoscore

For management that is concerned about whether or not their unified workflow solutions are being used to the best of their abilities, productivity management tools like Prodoscore are the answer to your concerns. Prodoscore allows management to view “productivity scores” that are assigned to sales team members in terms of time spent working in these solutions and their effectiveness in regards to productivity, allowing management to spot any potential problems ahead of time in order to be more proactive in finding solutions. It also helps you to understand where their time is spent if they are working from home or are frequently in the field – Prodoscore is especially helpful for the management of remote teams of any kind.

Your business is too important to not have your workplace solutions not working for you and your sales team. Too many companies are still wasting valuable time by forcing their salespeople to use antiquated technology that no longer suits the needs of your business. Making the upgrade to a fully unified workflow solution of cloud-based CRM solutions, productivity suite, VoIP phone system, and productivity management tools can save your business time and money, and make your sales team more efficient and effective than ever before.

Contact UpCurve Cloud today to find out how unified workflow solutions can revolutionize your business and help your salespeople make the most of their time.

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