Don’t Miss an Email with Google: Email Hosting with Google for Work

by Denise Hazime on August 4, 2016


Google for Work has a number of features that you’ll hear and read about if you do a few quick searches; increased collaboration, better email handling, and a simple user experience which can lead to increased productivity. These are all very useful to your business, but there is one hidden feature of Google for Work that isn’t promoted heavily - the fact that your business email can be hosted with Google. This can significantly increase the security and reliability of your business email. If your business has ever had emails fall into a mysterious black hole, or missed important emails that clients insisted that they sent, you need to consider Google for Work.  

Google-Hosted Email Is Far More Secure with TLS

POP3 was the standard email protocol at the birth of the Internet. Since then, email protocols have evolved to IMAP, then Transport Layer Security (TLS) which is what Gmail uses. POP3 and IMAP both have security holes which can lead to hacked email - nothing any business wants. POP3 is especially bad as it downloads all email from your server, leaving nothing in the cloud for your coworkers to access should anything happen to you, and removing the option of accessing your email from multiple devices. While IMAP allows for this, its encryption is inferior to that of TLS.  

You Wn’t Miss Out on Important Emails with Google

Unless you’ve chosen a domain host that is promising rock-solid encryption and guaranteed uptime, your business will benefit by making the transition to Google. Even if you’ve chosen such a domain host, a company with the size and capacities of Google will be more reliable with your email hosting. If you have chosen a run-of-the-mill web hosting company, they mostly specialize in just that - web hosting. Email hosting is often an afterthought to overall domain hosting, and their storage and handling of email may be with POP3 and IMAP, those outdated, insecure protocols we were talking about earlier. Uptime and reliability is another large consideration. In 2013, Gmail had a 99.978% availability, with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees 99.9% availability. More importantly, Google has no scheduled downtime for maintenance on servers - something nearly impossible to find anywhere else. To put this into terms everyone can understand, Gmail has approximately 2 minutes where it is possible for it to be down per month - providers with lower availability and server downtime can be potentially down for much longer than that. While many hosting companies strive to switch to backups for maintenance on servers, there is a very real potential that important emails will be lost during downtime for server maintenance.  

How to Setup Your Email Hosting with Google

If you administer your own Google for Work account, set up email hosting by following these steps, paying particular attention to Step 3. The below video also explains it well.

One of the benefits of purchasing Google for Work from a reseller like UpCurve Cloud is that we can do the legwork for you, and provide training and support for anyone in your organization who needs to know more about switching to Gmail.  

What if I Need More Storage?

You can purchase more storage per user if you require it for just a few users - otherwise Google for Work Unlimited will provide you with unlimited storage in Gmail and Google Drive. If you want compliant, secure and reliable email, Google for Work will provide peace of mind for your business email. You and your employees can sleep at night never wondering if important opportunities are ending up in a black hole, or crucial communications with clients have gone missing. Contact UpCurve Cloud for more information and to get set up today. 

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