Make Gmail Company Signatures Easy with Sigstr

by Denise Hazime on May 5, 2016

Gmail is good for so many things. Integration with other software, a cleaner inbox, and web-based email that can be accessed from anywhere. But it faces the same challenges as any email solution does - providing unified, on-message company signatures quickly and easily.

From a branding and marketing perspective, company email signatures should reflect the company’s brand. If John from accounting is sending out inspirational quotes and uses Comic Sans for his signature font, it looks unprofessional and messy.

Not the IT Department’s Job - But You Can’t Leave It to Staff Either

Usually, IT administrators are the ones to drop the hammer on rogue signatures and enforce the company brand with a unified look. The main issue with this is that it can be time consuming – even our blog post showing how to do it with Google Drive involves more than a few steps. IT administrators usually have bigger fish to fry, and technically, ensuring communications are on brand is not their job.

Leaving it to individual employees is an even worse solution, because department heads end up chasing after their staff to get it done, and in many cases just end up doing it themselves. Most people don’t understand the importance of including a personalized UTM code, or don’t know how to properly implement it, so they either skip the task or do it wrong.

The best solution is to choose one centralized tool which can manage company signatures. UpCurve Cloud had requests from our clients to find such a tool, so we investigated four different providers to find the one that we liked the best, and settled on Sigstr.  

Sigstr is the Solution to Off-Brand Company Email Signatures

Sigstr is a solution that takes email signatures out of the hands of IT and places them where they belong – in the hands of the marketing manager. It offers a way to easily deploy new email signatures and take advantage of the valuable real estate of your company email footers by allowing the insertion of company marketing campaigns across all outgoing company emails, as well as unified, easy-to-deploy company signatures.

1=Signature, 2=Company Campaign

There are three things that companies are concerned about when outsourcing a solution like this - ease of use, integrations with existing solutions, and affordability. In terms of affordability, Sigstr runs from free to $5 per user per month, depending on the features you want from it. More advanced accounts feature Google Apps integration, more campaigns, and more support.

Simple to Use - Just Log In and Create Your Signatures

All you need to do to create your signature is log in, create the signature, and then deploy it to all of the people in your company. You can this from one central dashboard, and disallow employees from making changes. If you have any issues or questions, support is easy to get on the phone or by email.

If you have Gmail, all you have to do is follow the simple steps below to get started. Sigstr also integrates with Salesloft and Outlook.

Sigstr’s Secret Sauce: Advertising Campaigns

There are two components to Sigstr - email signatures and, below that, custom advertising campaigns. You can use this space for run-of-the-mill ad campaigns, announcements for upcoming events and new products, a feature for an award your business received - the sky is the limit. With all of the emails your employees send every day, this gives your business one more potential way of connecting with clients. And, you have full integration with Google Analytics with a paid subscription, allowing you to track how many people signed up for a new product, event or other promotion through Sigstr - directly allowing you to calculate ROI for your Sigstr subscription.  

Comparison with Similar Solutions

There are other unified email signature solutions out there. Sigstr’s simplicity, more fully-featured marketing campaigns, and excellent phone support with a personal touch make it the clear winner over similar solutions.  

Comparison Chart


*Email signatures are only a small component of BetterCloud’s features, and it is
worth having a look at for its simple user management systems for Google Apps.

Click here to view the cost license chart mentioned above.

UpCurve Cloud is pleased to introduce Sigstr to our clients as a simple solution for email signatures. If you have any questions, get in touch with us today and we’ll get you set up.

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