Gmail has received a constant stream of updates since its launch, giving users the most versatile inbox available with a bevy of features designed to improve quality of life, increase productivity, and make emailing a little more enjoyable. One of Google’s more recent updates involves Gmail and Google Docs, promising significant productivity improvements for frequent Google Workspace users.

Email documents from within Google Docs and more

The latest example of this phenomenon happened recently within Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, which comprises cloud-based productivity apps such as Google Docs, Sheets, Meet, Calendar, and Gmail. Google Docs users now have more options to email documents from within Google Docs after opening files in Gmail. This new feature lets you quickly open documents sent to your inbox, work within them, and send them back directly to the original sender in different file formats.

This new feature can make a major difference in productivity, eliminating the need to continuously jump from Google Docs to Gmail, downloading files, and keeping track of versions in situations where documents are being shared by clients who only work within Microsoft Office. Rather than do all this manually, Gmail users can open files from Gmail, make the necessary edits, and send it back to the original sender without so much as changing tabs.

While Google Workspace already supports sharing Workspace files with external users, this makes it even easier to work with partners and clients who haven’t yet embraced Google Workspace and who may feel uncomfortable working within a different office suite.

Work with Microsoft Office files from Google Docs

Google has also rolled out a major update allowing users to edit Office files directly from Google Docs the same way you would open any Docs file sent to your inbox. Before this feature was implemented, Workspace users were forced to import any received Microsoft Office files to their Google Drive and open them from there. Previously, any documents that had been emailed to Gmail users were view only from Gmail.

Docs users can work within the file sent to them and send it back to the original emailer directly from within the word processor with the “Reply with this file” option found under the “Email” option found under “File.” This feature was seen as a massive improvement to Gmail and Workspace as a whole, making the process of working with Office users far less clunky and working to improve workplace productivity by eliminating redundant steps and letting you focus on what matters most.

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