How to Manage your Remote Workforce with G Suite and Prodoscore

by Denise Hazime on January 5, 2017


If your organization has remote employees or teams that are on the move regularly, it’s time you got visibility into their workday. Phone systems, cloud software solutions like G Suite, and other cloud based business applications, should allow remote workers to do the same job from the road or a home office than being parked at a desk in a traditional office. Google’s G Suite gives them everything they need to work remotely: secure email, calendar, chat, word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. But what do the owners of companies or managers have to give them confidence that their remote employees are being productive?

Did you know that remote workers feel more valued, have more company loyalty, and actually communicate better with management than non-remote workers? Remote work by employees has also grown substantially in recent years - over 103% since 2005. 3.7 million employees (2.8 percent of the American workforce) work from home at least half of their working hours. With this growth in remote workers comes the need for the right tools for both management and employees. GSuite and Prodoscore are the right solutions if you plan on deploying or managing a remote workforce.

Remote work comes with a price that often keeps bosses in the dark on employee levels of productivity. This prevents businesses from allowing remote work at all - the lack of transparency is their dilemma. Prodoscore lets your business keep track of the levels of productivity for your remote workers without using invasive techniques like screenshots or requiring logs of individual activity throughout the day on a spreadsheet; Prodoscore measures activity and time spent within the G Suite bundle of applications.  

Keep It Simple - Only Get What You Actually Need to Build a Remote Workforce Culture

  It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new app or solution, but too many tools can get in the way of actual work. To run your business online and remotely, you need:  

  • GSuite for Email, Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheets & Presentations
  • Customer Relationship Management solution, better known as CRM (Salesforce or Zoho)
  • Business phone system (preferably Hosted VoIP)
  • A solution to monitor remote work for company management

If you have a remote workforce, your choices should be guided by whether or not all of your tools can integrate and talk to each other to allow for seamless workflow. G Suite can take care of the basic office software requirements like email, scheduling, and online collaboration while tools like Salesforce or Zoho CRM can look after your leads, opportunities and contacts.

The only two items left that you need to run a remote business is a phone system compatible with mobile and a monitoring solution to keep an eye on the levels of productivity. For your business phone system, choose a hosted VoIP solution that can integrate with G Suite and CRM. Make sure your new business phone system will allow your business to forward work calls to employees cells or home phone numbers. And finally, Prodoscore enables you to keep track of tasks an employee performs within G Suite, which should be where they are spending most of their time. We use Prodoscore in our own business for this purpose, with positive results on the productivity of our remote employees.

To summarize, to build and manage an effective remote workforce culture you need four simple solutions: G Suite, CRM, Hosted VOIP Phone System and Prodoscore. You and your employees may have additional apps and solutions that you prefer to use, but try to keep the number down to keep your processes simplified.  

Collaboration and Transparency Is Key to Remote Work

G Suite is well-established as the best package for team collaboration and secure email, which makes it an obvious choice for remote work. One of the challenges management has with allowing remote work is an inability to keep an eye on things, as recently experienced by an UpCurve Cloud customer.

This customer allowed his employees to start working from home during certain days of the week. As a result, management started to have concerns about employee levels of productivity working outside the office, and wondered if they were continuing to perform during those remote office hours.

The owner had no visibility into what they were doing, and wondered if they were still continuing to work and send emails while working remotely, as well as other necessary tasks related to work using the G Suite solution. When UpCurve Cloud told him about Prodoscore and how we utilized Prodoscore internally at UpCurve Cloud, they immediately said "that's exactly what we are looking for" and quickly installed and deployed Prodoscore for their company the same day.

G Suite is easy to setup and maintain for a remote workforce, and Prodoscore gives you the ability to score Key Performance Indicators (KPI) when G Suite is being used. For remote workers and management, it's the perfect pairing.

If you’re looking for a way to amp up productivity for remote workers, or systems to allow for remote work in the first place, contact UpCurve Cloud today for solutions that will transform the way your company approaches remote work.

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